Video Interview: Mike Coburn

After the Regional Game in the Jordan All-Star Classic at MSG last month, SOR was able to catch up with Mt. Vernon's Michael Coburn, one of RU Head Coach Fred Hill's prized incoming recruits. Hear what Mike had to say about his game and his plans for the future, and read what Linden (N.J.) Head Coach Phil Colicchio, his coach in that game, had to say about Coburn, Corey Chandler, and Fred Hill.

p>"After being on the floor with him for about five minutes, I had to call Fred (Hill) and tell him, 'You've got a winner on your hands'", said Linden Head Coach Phil Colicchio about his very first time coaching Mike Coburn in preparation for last month's Regional Game at the Jordan Classic. "He possesses all the intangibles", said Colicchio. "He looks you in the eye. He just possesses an innate quality - he's a natural leader. Mike Coburn will push people on the court and off the court as well".

Colicchio added that he believes Coburn can become one of the best point guards to play college basketball in New Jersey in quite some time, and certainly the best to play at Rutgers in a very long time. "He's a very strong player, his game is very physical. When you've been around him, you become impressed by him not just as a player, but also as a person. He's just impressed the hell out of me. He's special. I believe that he can make Rutgers go pretty far", he said.

He also added that one of the primary beneficiaries of Coburn's talents will be highly-regarded incoming classmate (and teammate for the Jordan Classic) Corey Chandler. "Corey has the chance to be an All Big East player", said Colicchio. "He just needs to get stronger. Mike will make him a better player. He'll push Corey on the court and off". Considering that Colicchio coaches one of the state's top point guards in Desmond Wade, he should be in a pretty good position to evaluate talent. Colicchio added that "I'd have loved to see Desmond go play for Freddie at RU, but I understand that they just don't have a need for him now".

As for Fred Hill, Colicchio said: "I've known Freddie forever. He just has this unique ability to make everyone around him feel important. He's a very sincere people person. The coaches around here, myself, Bob Hurley, Bob Farrell (Seton Hall Prep), will not hesitate to send Fred players. We know what he stands for. We know how he develops relationships. He'll get it done at Rutgers, but people do need to be patient. We feel New Jersey high school basketball is second to none, and we want to see Rutgers in the Biog East tourney and the NCAA's".

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