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I had the opportunity to speak with Jack Ringel, Quincy Douby's coach at Grady Tech, Brooklyn, New York.  I caught Jack the day before his ACL surgery and I hope he is doing well.


Coach Ringel told me that Quincy only played ball for Grady during his Junior and Senior seasons.  Previously he had not participated in PSAL ball.  He was very young when he got into Grady and needed to mature both academically and physically.


During his junior season at Grady, Quincy started to give a foreshadowing of things to come as he averaged 19 points per game.  Grady won the PSAL Championship that year as Quincy gave indications that his star would be rising.


Quincy averaged 35 points per game during his senior year, was elected First Team All City by three different media sources and brought his team to the PSAL semi-finals. Quincy exploded on the Christmas Tournament circuit last year.  He went 18/21 on deep threes during one 63-point barrage. He was accurate from the line and shot consistently around the 80% level from the charity stripe.


 Jack Ringel has been a high school coach for 30 years and feels that Quincy is the best shooter he has seen as a coach. He said that Quincy was double and triple teamed all year and still managed to free himself for good shots.


His coach stated that  "Quincy led the city in scoring last year and I feel that he is the best shooter out of this city since Roger Brown and that's a while back" Probably almost 40 years according to my calculations.


Rutgers first recruit for the 2003-2004 campaign is 6'3" about 175 pounds.  He needs to develop upper body strength to compete on the next level.  Like most Gary Waters recruits, Quincy has long limbs that help him deflect passes and get out on the break.  He has good soft hands, quick feet and is an overall athlete.


Douby, aka the Coney Island Express, is known not only for his shooting but also for his infectious smile.  He is the second of five children; his sister also went to and graduated from Grady High. He is a respectful young man and is well grounded. His home environment provided him with strong religious values.


As a fifth year senior, Quincy will spend this year at St. Thomas More Academy, Oakdale, Connecticut. He will attempt to improve both his skills on and off the court.  One of his physical goals will be to increase upper body strength and mass. His academic goals will be to improve his study skills, increase his overall GPA and attain a full qualifying score on the standardized tests. Quincy is allegedly close to attaining his academic goals.


"He really clicked with Coach Waters", said Jack Ringel about his star.  He already knew about Rutgers from Jamal Phillips, a former Grady insider who played for the Scarlet during the Wenzel era. He also heard the word from long time friends Mike Sherrod and Jerome Coleman.


"I love him like another son" said Jack Ringel. "He will be a tremendous attribute to the program both on and off the court.  The Rutgers fans are just going to love him as much as I do".


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