Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson (Bergen Catholic, TE, 6'3"-245lbs)

On the weekend of September 6th, Johnson took his first visit. He visited Boston College and left the school impressed. Tightness of the players and coaches along with the atmosphere are still etched in his mind. He also liked how the campus was all in one place.

He is planning his next visit for October 4th to October 5th to Syracuse. In future weeks, he plans to visit Rutgers and Pittsburgh.

Johnson's grandfather played for Syracuse and was a member of the 1953 Orange Bowl team. He was pushing for him to attend the upstate New York school.

What are his top 6 choices?

In no order:


-Boston College





Johnson is still open-minded regarding his recruitment. However, during his childhood, Syracuse was his favorite school and he wanted to play for them. This coupled with his grandfather playing for the school would lead you to believe that Syracuse is his favorite. But this does not seem to be the case. He is truly open-minded and he is looking for a school that needs him, while having the opportunity to play in the postseason.

Finally, other schools are starting to take notice of him. Wisconsin and Michigan are the latest schools to offer him a scholarship. As the season continues, more teams will offer him.

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