Mike Goodman talks recruiting.

One of Rutgers' top Offensive Line targets discusses his evolvement as a football player, his resultant scholarship offers, and what he hopes to find in his search for the "right fit".

Mike Goodman only started playing football last year for the Miami-Columbus High School team. And what started off as a raw, undeveloped item, is turning in to a product that is attracting coaches across the country. "Last year was really my first year playing. I did not know how to even get in an appropriate three point stance till the summer. But I have been blessed with size and ability and I am taking advantage of that. My development as a football player is all about a day-to-day progression. And my improvement and competence is night-and-day since last year. It has been a grind- with hard work, dedication, conditioning, plus also having a very involved coaching staff at Columbus".

Goodman, who has not been involved in the combine circuit this spring due to a foot injury, is getting ready to go full go and hopes to perform at some camps this summer. "I spoke to Coach Nix from Miami the other day and he wants me to go to their camp on June 1st. I am considering going there, but I don't know if I will compete at the event. It is an honor being from down here and getting recruited by Miami. The only camp I know I will be attending for certain is the Wake Forest camp on July 15th".

Goodman is currently sitting at nine offers. Those are coming from FIU, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, Wake Forest, Rutgers, Florida State, South Carolina, and Maryland. Of all those schools, he has no leaders at this time. "I am open to everyone. I just want to find the place that is the best fit for me, both academically and athletically".

He understands that football will not last forever, and that a strong education (he looks to major in computer science) will play key in his future school. "If I make the NFL-great. And I love this game, the competition and opportunities it can create. But my true goal is to get a great education. Location, the school feel, and my personal relationship with the coaches are all aspects that I am looking for in the right school".

Thus far, Goodman has received visits from UCF, Kansas State, Coach Kehoe from Ole Miss, Coach McCarthy from Wake Forest, Coaches from the Maryland Staff, as well as Rutgers Coaches Greg Schiano and Chris Demarest". All the coaches that have been by here have been great.

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