Orlando Boone DB/WR gets visit from Rutgers

Jeremy Brown was a relative unknown two years ago in the recruiting scene. But the Orlando Boone product is now on the radar of most every major college program in the nation.

We had the opportunity to speak to Terrell Brown, Jeremy's dad, and he had this to share about his recruitment. "We just feel honored to have all these great programs come by visiting my son. The attention has been great and we are excited by the process. Jeremy is not feeling any pressure. He is just taking it all in. He just wants to find the right place, where he feels comfortable and can get on the field early. He wants to make an impact, whether as a CB, where most schools are recruiting, as a player in the return game, or even as a 3rd down WR. He could play well at all those positions".

Many programs have made great impressions thus far, including schools such as Florida, Auburn, and Notre Dame. "Florida has come down here several times with Coach Meyer, Coach Strong, and Coach Heater. They are recruiting him as a staff, and not simply one recruiter. They have made him feel like a priority. Coach Prince at Auburn has been a great coach and someone we feel extremely comfortable with. Also, Coach Weis and Brown from Notre Dame have come by and have been excellent in their recruitment of Jeremy".

Rutgers has now thrown their hat in to the ring. Jeremy Brown was visited at school by Rutgers Coach Chris Demarest recently. "Coach Demo was down here the other day. We have known about Rutgers for quite some time. They are doing some good things up there. I think Demo is a guy that shoots from the hip and cuts the red tape. He wants us to come to summer camp so we can get to know the school and the entire staff. He believes Jeremy would be a good fit to the program and vice versa. They are a place we are considering visiting this summer".

While Jeremy does not want to rush his decision, he also wants to get back to what has made him so coveted in the first place. "A part of him wants to make an early decision. He could visit a few schools, check each of them out holistically, and make the right choice. That way he can get back to focusing on football. He has been in awe by the attention. But a part of him wants to not stress, simply relax, and go back to focusing on football and helping his teammates win football games. But in terms of making a decision, ultimately it will be when the time is right".

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