Recruiting Journal: Bryce McClain - Combines

As one of the features on State of, Bryce McClain will provide his insights into the recruiting process from his perspective and in his own words. In this edition of his journal, he will discuss his experiences at the various combines.

My experiences in the recruiting world have been really great, nerve racking, and at times stressful. When you go on these unofficial visits to schools they take you on a tour of the school. They will send you letters at school or your house. Lately, I have been receiving a lot of mail from a lot of colleges. As of May 18th, I got mail from Rutgers and Pittsburgh. Over the past 8 months, I have received information from Wilkes, Wagner, Maryland, Rutgers, Illinois, Cincinnati, Iowa, Temple, West Virginia, NC State, and Clemson. These are schools that have shown me interest or acknowledged me.

My first combine was May 1st at the Superdome in Paramus. I was really nervous but by the time I got weighed in and my height taken, I was ready to get after it. When we got there we stretched for about 45 minutes with Chuck Mound directing us, everyone was pumped up. It was the offense versus the defense. Although I did play some offense, I lined up at defensive end and was ready to show everyone there what I have to offer. Plus, I needed to represent P'burg, so I had to make my school shine.

We did various amount of individual drills then it was time to get the real work done...the one-on-ones. That is the session that the college coaches were there for and the reason why I came. I really was focused on showing what I have and letting people know who I am. During the session, the defense clearly won their battles.

The next combine I attended was the Nike training camp. We did intense drills and learned new techniques to add to our skills. Like every other combine, the main event was the one-on-ones session. During the session, I saw one of my combine training partners from the elite combine, Doug Alston. Once we got together, we knew what each other could do so it was time to do what we had to do and "hold it down". He was that speed and quickness off the edge we needed, and I was that strength to take on the tackle or the running back that tried to chip me. We were a force that every O-line fears. After the combine, I said my good byes to the friends I had met at the combine. We went our separate ways saying good luck to each other in there season and at the colleges we would wind up at. So far this has been my combine experience; my next stops are the college camps. Until then, I will be working out and preparing.

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