National WR gets visit from Rutgers

Deion Walker, one of the top WR in the nation, has received scholarship offers from nearly every major top program in the country. The 6'4 188 lb prospect has the combination of speed and athleticism that has recruiters drooling. He runs a sub 4.5 40 yard dash and demonstrates great routes and body control.

Despite all the attention, Deion Walker likes to stay humble and takes a yeoman's approach to football. "I am just working out hard and trying to be the best player and teammate I can be. We have had so much attention come through the school in the recent weeks. I am just trying to take it all in and stay focused. It has forced me to grow up quickly though".

Many coaches have made big impressions on Deion. Some of those have been WR Coach Ted Gilmore at Nebraska, OC Chip Kelly at Oregon, and USC coaches Todd McNair and Pete Carroll.

And recently, Greg Schiano from Rutgers came by and had a chance to make his presence known. "I knew he was coming about 30 minutes before he actually came. We were hanging out outside on the track and all of a sudden this helicopter comes out of the air and lands on the field. That was crazy. He spent some time speaking to my Coach Ed Homer. Afterwards, Coach Homer pulled me aside and said ‘you need to take a look at Rutgers'. He found him to be very cool and dynamic. He was completely sold by them".

While Deion and his family will be key influences in the recruiting process, Coach Homer's advice is being taken strongly. "We are looking for a way to get up there this summer. I have family in Brooklyn and Manhattan that I want to see as well. So there is a good chance we could make it up there".

Deion will also be taking a major west coast trip this summer. "I grew up in Southern California and still have some family out there as well as in the Las Vegas area. We are going to drive across the country and take a bunch of unofficial visits. We want to see places like Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oregon, USC. I most want to get a chance to see some practices and see how the coaches and players interact. Get a feel for the campus life and such".

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