LB/FB Marcus Manana attracting interest

Marcus Manana is a physically gifted player,who has not been able to showcase his talent for numerous reasons during his high school career. But the 2007 season appears to be different.

Every year there seems to be a story that just reaches out and grabs you. In the 2008 recruiting class that also is the case as we bring to you a case of a young man who was once looked upon as the future face of football at Perth Amboy high school in New Jersey.

Marcus Manana heard the buzz of coaches high school and colleges, a natural leader a man among boys, the popular choice as he lead his teammates in tackles starting at middle linebacker as a sophomore with a shade under 100 tackles.

Due to personal issues Manana sat out the 2007 season. Manana claims it may have been the best decision he ever made as he feels he grew up in years and matured beyond them. Manana also took that time off to work on breaking down film and getting his life together.

Manana is listed at 6' 1" as weighs 225 pounds. He is a man amongst boys in his element (the weight room ) Manana has a few stout numbers in he bench presses 415 pounds can squat 630 pounds, but don't be fooled in thinking Manana is some stiff who can't move around as evident by his 4.65 forty time in the forty yard dash.

Manana is looking for a college that will let him compete at fullback as well as middle linebacker on the next level.

The coaching staff at Perth Amboy are telling Manana they are looking for him to play guard as well as fullback this year and he is looking forward to the challenge as he has not played much offense before.

Manana has no shortage of interest as colleges like Rutgers, Penn. State North Carolina, Tennessee Tech and Monmouth have all contacted him by mail and phone.

Manana knows he has allot of work ahead of him as he only carries a GPA. of 2.0and is considering going to nasa community college with the plan of getting his GPA score up, another possibility may be for Manana to join former Perth Amboy alumni Sean Atkins at Kean College.

Manana's dream is to one day storm out the tunnel and unto the field at Rutgers University, he also has plans on camping there this summer.

Manana said he has set his sight on taking control of his life and being more aggressive with driving his teammates to new heights.

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