Marmolejos has college interested

One of the most gifted athletes comes from a school looking to put its name on the recruiting front is Eric Marmolejos, after a great showing at the elite camp Marmolejos showed he belongs with the top dogs.

The 2008 recruiting class is shaping up to be a pretty good class as far as athletes goes. This class can be rivaled by the likes of the southern schools that are known for their athletic abilities. One of the most gifted athletes in central New Jersey comes from a school looking to put its name on the recruiting front is Eric Marmolejos, after a great showing at the elite combine Marmolejos showed he belongs with the top dogs. Marmolejos has a dream that he along with some other top talent over at Perth Amboy high school will start a tradition with their new more discipline coach, Marmolejos will ( by his account ) start a pipe line of D-1 athletes that will flood from Perth Amboy like a great river.

Marmolejos is known through out his school for his great work ethic. His demeanor and work ethic makes him a coach's dream. His workout regimen makes him a frequent resident in the weight room where he benches a reported 240 pounds and max squats 460. This effort in the weight room has made him quite a chiseled athlete with very little body fat. He runs the forty in the 4.6 range and plays a very physical style on defense. The main thing that he brings to a team is his ability to get from sideline to sideline with a great desire to get to the ball coupled with a non-stop motor.

In 2008, Marmolejos will take on a personal challenge as Perth Amboy will make the jump up to a higher division (red division). As a competitor, he is looking forward to tangling with a higher caliber of competition. A big challenge is nothing new to him. As a sophomore, he took on the challenge of wrestling in the 215 pound division even though he weighed only 185 pounds and still made honorable mention all-county. This accomplishment is something he feels helped him by teaching him the lesson of relying on technique first.

A torn ACL sidelined Marmolejos all of 2006, but it happened so early in the season that after rehab he feels no effects of that surgery. In fact, he feels the best he as ever felt.

It has been a dream of Marmolejos to represent Rutgers as well as New Jersey for some time now even before the recent success that Rutgers has had on the gridiron.

Marmolejos has no shortage of interest as Arizona State, Penn State, West Virginia, Boston College, have all shown interest in him. However, some schools have backed off since the injury they have been still kind of waiting to see how he responds to his senior year. Marmolejos has said he is looking hard at Penn State because it can give him a chance to reunite with former alumni Ramon Perry a freshmen at Penn State and another school of great interest is Florida because they offer a chance to play for the championship every year and the sunshine is something that's hard to pass up.

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