Photos from Rutgers Practice

Let SOR provide you with a view into the Rutgers football practice of August 6, 2007.

Photos from practice - August 6, 2007

Mike Teel (14), Tim Brown (2), Marcus Daniel (9), Jourdan Brook (39) stretching before practice

Tim Brown going one-on-one with Al-Majid Hutchins

Tim Brown takes a hit from Al-Majid Hutchins

Tiquan Underwood catches a pass as he is guarded by Lesile Jackman.

Kenny Britt hauls in a pass

Marcus Daniels turning up field

Tim Brown making an over the shoulder catch.

Jason McCourty working in the DB drills

Devin McCourty gets high up for a pass.

James Townsend returns after catching a pass.

Tim Brown running up field after a pass.

Heisman Trophy Candidate, Ray Rice, taking a break.

Jack Corcoran working on the blocking sled

Devin McCourty working on his tackling.

Courtney Greene working on blocking punts.

Coach Schiano demostrating picking up a fumble.

Coach Schiano conducting the fumbling drills.

Eric Foster scooping up the ball.

Devin McCourty accelerating up field during the punting blocking drill.


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