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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Perhaps because he's an excellent student, maybe because he's a quarterback, but definitely because he's a coach's son, Ryan Cubit never says anything out of turn. With careful cadence and unmistakable blandness, he always says what he's supposed to. But when asked about coach Greg Schiano's choice of locker room music this week, Cubit didn't consider first and out came a moment of candor. "I'm not going to lie," he said. "It's pretty annoying. I've been getting some headaches." As if blaring simulated crowd noise during practice wasn't bad enough, Schiano kept "Rocky Top," Tennessee's fight song, pumped through the practice-field speakers and into the dressing room all week.
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Every time he worked out this summer, Rutgers defensive tackle William Burnett said he saw "that burnt orange jersey in my face." Every time he bench-pressed a bar bell, he imagined throwing an orange-clad player off of him. Every time his legs burned coming out of a squat lift in the weight room, he visualized himself blasting through a mass of orange bodies.
Tennessee was his task master.
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Looking in the rearview mirror, Tennessee's football team sees the Voltanic hitting an iceberg. Looking to the future, it sees the Valley of the Shadow of Death -- Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Miami, etc. -- to be walked through. As for tonight, though, the Vols aren't sure what they see. "They've got a former Vol who plays,'' said defensive tackle Rashad Moore, "that's about all I know about Rutgers.
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Plot: After last weeks collapse against Florida, Tennessee cant take anything for granted against any team. Rutgers is a name that lives in Big Orange infamy after the Scarlet Knights pulled off a stunning 13-7 upset in 1979 at Neyland Stadium, and playing a Big East schedule that annually includes the likes of Syracuse, Virginia Tech and Miami means the men from Piscataway, N.J. aren't likely to be intimidated.
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Golf Outing

Hey are you a Rutgers Basket Ball fan?  Do you like golf?  Want to shoot a round with say, Gary Waters or one of his staff?  Here's your opportunity.  The Rutgers Court Club is sponsoring a Golf Outing on Monday October 7, 2002 at the University Golf Course in Piscataway.  Tee off is scheduled for 2PM and is limited to the first 72 RU fans that sign up.  The $150 fee includes dinner.  For $500 you have a chance to be in Gary's foursome and for $300 you can play with Larry, Garland, Kevin, Vince or Stan.  So join the TEAM BEHIND THE TEAM, the Rutgers Court Club and see you on the links.

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