Q&A with Jameil Farrington

Jameil Farrington, Rutgers freshman DT, has captured the attention of the Rutgers coaching staff. After his first scrimmage, SOR caught up with Farrington for a Q & A.

SOR: Talk a bit about the adjustment in moving from South Florida and coming to Rutgers.
Jamiel: I am getting used to it. This is a great place to be at. I love it here. I have only been here a short while, but I feel like I am maturing as a person. The adjustment is going well.

SOR: Coming in from Dade County, has that made the transition any easier.
Jamiel: It helps. But I am also tight with the kids from Jersey. I like being around good people and we have a great group up here. Whether it be Florida or Jersey, as long as I am around people that I am comfortable with, I feel good.

SOR: How do you feel about your play thus far in camp?
Jamiel: I feel good. I have come in hungry. I am learning every day. And when ever I get an opportunity to get in there, I try to show them what I can do.

SOR: You come from the same high school as Eric Foster. Talk about your relationship with him.
Jamiel: He has been a great help. I want to become like him. He is a role model. I’ll follow him around. We will be going over the play book, and if I am ever stuck, he will put down his stuff and go over it with me. He teaches me a lot. And when he is going over his stuff, I’ll try to learn what he is learning. He is a great person to be around and I try to absorb from him as much as I can.

SOR: If you were to describe Rutgers to your friends and family down in Florida, how would you describe it?
Jamiel: This is family business. And I’ll tell them that I am loving it here.

SOR: In terms of intensity, how has camp been thus far?
Jamiel: It has been hard. But you got to keep chopping through this.

SOR: How have the workouts with Coach Butler been for you in your short time here?
Jamiel: They have been great. My body has changed very quickly. I am constantly feeling sore in places I have never felt sore before. (Jamiel is currently 245 pounds)

SOR: What are some of your personal goals on this team?
Jamiel: I want to play. I want to help this team win. But if it is my time to just sit back and learn from the older guys and gain experience, I’ll do that also.

SOR: Talk about your experiences with Coach Godette as a DL coach
Jamiel: He is great. He is very demanding and wants us to be the best we can be. But he also knows we are freshman. He teaches us with a good balance.

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