Q & A with the McCourty Twins

Rutgers will have the unique privilege of having twins starting, with Jason and Devin McCourty manning the CB position. SOR had the opportunity to discuss this unusal but pleasurable situation.

SOR: Playing your HS football in Bergen County, at St Joe’s of Montvale, the two of you decided on Rutgers. In regard to Jason, I remember you making the tough decision and choosing Rutgers over other schools. When you return to Northern NJ, and even your home town in NY, what kind of response do you get from the community now for playing at Rutgers?

Jason: It is great. We have family members, friends, other people within the community say to us ‘hey, we say you on TV’. The responses that we get are extremely positive. The best thing is that we can become role models and encourage young kids to follow the paths that we have followed, to make good decisions. We just tell kids to stay focused, determined and pursue their dreams, and you can tell that they listen to us seriously because of our success.

Devin: The people back home have been extremely encouraging. It is great to be close to home because the community follows your career that much more. But mostly it is great in talking to the kids and realizing that they look up to you. They’ll ask me if some day I could help them get in to Rutgers, which is great.

SOR: Talk a little bit about how you have matured in the program.

Jason: I have grown as a player and person by light years in this program. Coach Demo and Schiano are great teachers. I’ll go back and look at film and see the drastic improvements I have made since my freshman year. I am a much more physical player now. My technique has really improved. I owe it all to the plans they have personally laid out for me.

Devin: This program has consisted of guys that listen and work hard. You look at the other three CB’s that we had last year: Manny, Joe and Robie. All listened to Coach Demo and Schiano. They prepared hard. They followed their methods. And the next thing you now all three are in the league now. I think this is a program that has a great, organized system to prepare you for the next level.

I personally have learned from those former players. And their preparation has impacted me. In terms of the coaches, I have tried to do everything they have asked me to do, and now I am in a position to do some positive things.

SOR: Devin, how has the move to CB been for you?

Devin: It has been a good move. Last year we had a few injuries, and Coach Demo would have me practice at the position some. Then this spring, they pushed me hard and I have improved. Now it feels natural. It has been a good move and a place where I can really help this team.

SOR: For Devin, coming in to camp, the CB’s were a question mark. But you guys have played superb thus far. Talk about your preparation and development as a unit in this camp.

Devin: We are the upperclassmen so we have needed to take a leadership role for the good of this team. We also have some young guys that can play. They have talent and can play here. They just need the reps. They need to get up to speed, because they are going to play for us.

SOR: For Jason, what is it like having to cover guys like Britt, Underwood and Brown? How has it improved your game?

This summer, we have been going up against those guys everyday. They work extremely hard, and thus it pushes us to work just as hard. Those three guys are as good as it gets out there. But uniquely enough, they all offer different skills. Britt tries to muscle you around. Ti (Underwood) tries to finesse you. Timmy (Brown) will blow by you. So it lets you develop multiple aspects of the game.

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