Mason Robinson looking to contribute early

Mason Robinson is planning on contending for playing time as a true freshman and help his cause with a good scrimmage on Saturday. SOR has the opportunity to discuss Robinson's plans for the upcoming season and beyond.

On Saturday, Mason Robinson participated in his first collegiate scrimmage. At the conclusion of the scrimmage, Robinson shared some of his observations of college football. When he was asked what the toughest part so far in college was, he stated the speed of Division 1A athletes is the biggest adjustment. Although these athletes are much bigger in size compared to those in high school, Robinson is surprised at how fast the holes open then close.

Many true freshmen RBs might be happy to be competing for playing time on a nationally ranked team; it does not appear to be enough for Robinson. Similar to many freshmen, he appears to be challenged by the terminology and blitz pickup. But he will be spending more time in the film room and practicing to correct these shortcomings. Although Robinson has some expectations to see action as a RB, he has not ruled out being a return man on either punt or kick-off teams. These positions will allow him to utilize his sprinter's speed as an aid to the team.

The possibility of redshirting is not out of the question as Robinson is willing to abide by the coaches' decisions. A redshirt year would provide Robinson to add the additional 20-lbs that he would like to add to his 185-lb frame while maintaining his sprinter's speed.

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