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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- The obvious question after Rutgers stood toe to toe with 11th-ranked Tennessee until early into the fourth quarter last night, trading punches with one of college football's heavyweights, is this: Where has this team been all this time?
The follow-up question is just as obvious: If the Knights are capable of this type of effort, will they be able to duplicate it the rest of the season?
Rutgers football: Not bad by half

Finding no one open, quarterback Ryan Cubit took off on a scramble and was tripped up at the 1-foot line, reaching over and breaking the plane of the goal line with the ball as he went down. After some uncertainty, the all-SEC officiating crew ruled that Cubit's knee hit the ground before the ball crossed into the end zone. Then, with 12 seconds left and Cubit hurrying to get the offense set for a spike that would stop the clock for a field goal try, the Knights sophomore appeared to beat the clock with one second left as he threw the ball into the turf. That's what one official ruled before another overruled him and said the spike occurred as time expired.
Rutgers notebook: SEC officials missed their calling

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - This had started out as something straight out of sci-fi, the stunned silence of 103,925 washing over Nate Jones on his 100-yard return for a touchdown, his coach, Greg Schiano, tangled and tripping over the wires, chasing him stride for stride on the sideline. Soon, the scene turned surreal, the class clowns of college football pounding the powerful Tennessee Volunteers from orange-and-white-checkered end zone, to orange-and-white-checkered end zone. Neyland Stadium turned nasty, the boos thundering down off Rocky Top, insisting these Volunteers stop this silliness and slap some sense back into the Scarlet Knights. For the longest time Saturday, they couldn't do it.
NorthJersey.com - Rutgers

Senior corner Nate Jones took Tennessee's opening kickoff from his end zone into the Vols', chased only by a celebrating Rutgers coach Greg Schiano. Sending the 100 or so red-clad Rutgers fans into delirium, while the rest of the 103,925 in attendance rained down a chorus of boos, Jones served notice the Scarlet Knights were not the post-Florida patsies Tennessee expected.
NorthJersey.com - Rutgers

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Rutgers junior Nate Jones fielded the opening kickoff Saturday night against Tennessee, sprinted up the field and bounced to the outside with nothing but the famous checkerboard end zone of Neyland Stadium in front of him. Kicker Phillip Newman couldn't catch him, and high above 103,925 fans, nearly all clad in orange and white, the Jumbotron did not show the replay. Instead, in-house cameras focused on faces in the stands. You could lip-read stunned fans mouthing "Oh my God" while one outraged woman stood and viciously berated her beloved Vols as the man in an adjacent seat simply stared at her sheepishly.
First-half effort keeps Rutgers close against Tennessee - Courier News

Trailing Florida 24-0 at halftime, turn out the lights. Trailing Rutgers 14-7 at halftime, well, that's a different story. It's a dilemma 11th-ranked Tennessee, a 41-point favorite, hardly expected to find itself in Saturday night at Neyland Stadium. The Vols, at least, solved it, rallying for a 35-14 win over the scrappy Scarlet Knights.
KnoxNews: Football

Tennessee linebacker Eddie Moore is a man of few words, but down 14-7 to Rutgers at halftime, the normally stoic senior captain felt something had to be said. "I questioned everybody, and I said if we have any heart we have to prove it,'' said Moore, who had eight tackles in UT's 35-14 win over Rutgers on Saturday. "I talked to the defense as we were going out of the locker room, and I talked to them again on the field.''
KnoxNews: Football

Ryan Cubit was sitting in a chair in the locker room when his dad made his way around a group of reporters. Bill Cubit, the Rutgers offensive coordinator, gave his son a hug and said, "Ryan Cubit everybody." It was a proud dad saying welcome back to his son. Cubit returned to the starting lineup at quarterback for the Scarlet Knights and helped Rutgers throw a scare into 11th-ranked Tennessee. The final score was Tennessee 35, Rutgers 14, but for a half it was all Cubit and all Rutgers.
KnoxNews: Football

KnoxNews: Best and worst of Rutgers vs. the Vols

Rutgers-Tennessee game recap - Courier News

Rutgers-Tennessee notebook - Courier News

Rutgers Recap

Weekend Scoreboard

Last week's opponent Pittsburgh beat Toledo 37-19

In typical Pitt fashion the Panthers let Toledo back into the game after Pitt had the game well in hand. Up by a score of 27-6 at the end of the third quarter the Panthers gave up two late touchdowns to make a game out of it. Rob Rutherford hit on 65 per cent of his passes in the game for over 300 yards to lead the Panthers to the win.




Rutgers' next opponent West Virginia manhandled East Carolina 37-17

 Avon Cobourne is West Virginia's only offense. But that proved to be a lot of offense as Cobourne broke both the West Virginia and the Big East career rushing mark in an incredible performance against East Carolina. Cobourne helped the Mountaineer put the game away in the first half as he rushed for over 200 yards and an average of over 10 yards per carry. Overall in the game Cobourne had 260 yards on 30 carries. The Mountaineers as a team had 536 rushing yards in the game which was also a Big East record.

Recap and Boxscore


In Big East games

Virginia Tech shutout Western Michigan 30-0

Boston College demolished Central Michigan 43-0

Temple lost to Cincinnati 35-22

Syracuse lost to Auburn 37-34

Miami did not play

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In games involved other Rutgers opponents

Notre Dame did not play


In other games of note Penn State's rebuilding efforts took a hit as the Nittany Lions lost to unranked Iowa 42-35. The Lions short lived national ranking had been a result of their win over Nebraska. Nebraska got thumped by Iowa State on Saturday by a score of 36-14.


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Hey are you a Rutgers Basket Ball fan?  Do you like golf?  Want to shoot a round with say, Gary Waters or one of his staff?  Here's your opportunity.  The Rutgers Court Club is sponsoring a Golf Outing on Monday October 7, 2002 at the University Golf Course in Piscataway.  Tee off is scheduled for 2PM and is limited to the first 72 RU fans that sign up.  The $150 fee includes dinner.  For $500 you have a chance to be in Gary's foursome and for $300 you can play with Larry, Garland, Kevin, Vince or Stan.  So join the TEAM BEHIND THE TEAM, the Rutgers Court Club and see you on the links.

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