Albert Young - one of the best players in NJ

Albert Young

Albert Young (RB, 5'10"-190lbs)

Since he was a sophomore, Albert Young (RB, 5'10"-190lbs) has been one of the top RBs in the state of New Jersey. As a sophomore ran for over 2,000 yards. After an injury plagued junior year, he still ran for over 1,300 yards. Not only is Young productive, he is one of the most exciting runners who has produced in big games. On numerous occasions, he has put his team on his back and carried them to victory. These efforts have not been overlooked, he has received over 15 scholarship offers.

Who are his favorites?

  • Wisconsin
    - One of the first schools to offer him a scholarship.
    - They have a tradition of RB's.
    - recruiting him hard.
    - He has setup a visit for the week of December 6th.

  • Boston College
    - recruiting him hard.
    - Need a RB.
    - fairly close to home.

  • Penn State
    - have been calling every week.
    - Need a RB.
    - In driving distance for home.
    - has not offered.

  • Kansas State
    - They call him every Tuesday night at 9:00PM, which shows their commitment to his recruitment.

  • Syracuse
    - Close to home.
    - Tradition of RB's

  • Rutgers
    - Likes the coaches, especially Coach Schiano.
    - His talks with Schiano continue to rise his interest.
    - Have moved up on his list.
    - Likes that he can impact the program if he attends by attracting other top players to the team.

Has he setup all of his visits?

So far, he has setup a visit to Wisconsin on December 6th. Since he felt that he might not have taken any time to evaluate his choice of his first visit, he will be evaluating all of his remaining schools to decide which schools he will visit and when.

He stated that he will take all of his visits before making a decision.

How has he been performing so far this season?

In his first game, he ran for 180-yards on 16 carries in a 38-21 loss to Camden Catholic. In his second game, he played numerous roles. He caught 5 passes for 132 yards, threw a 50-yard TD pass, and had 70 yard on 11 carries in an upset victory over Woodrow Wilson High School (one of the best teams in New Jersey). In the third game, he ran for 225 yards on 25 carries.


Young stated that he feelings that Rutgers is a young team that is on the rise. The two losses were result of the team's youth and they will be a good team given time. In regards to the progress and state of the Rutgers program, he feels that the his time is right if we were to commit to the program.

He states that he is fully qualified. He is only waiting for the NCAA to provide him with confirmation.

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