Ruch is a fast Riser

Caleb Ruch, by way of Quakertown HS [Quakertown, PA] was recruited as both a Guard and Center coming out of HS. With nearly one full camp under his belt Ruch's quick ascension up the depth chart has him zeroing in on his future collegiate position.

Caleb Ruch took a whirlwind of a journey during the summer of 2006, seeing more schools in person and putting on more miles on the family car than the top roadsters on the Indy 500 track. It was purposefully done, because how else is one to arrive at a future collegiate destination without seeing first hand what each school has to offer? At the end of the day, Rutgers would win the services of the First Team AAAA AP All-State honoree. It wasn't so much due to distance from home as much as a certain, perhaps even unexplainable, comfort with the staff. One full camp under his belt, however, and Ruch now sees his decision as a winning one on several fronts.

"Distance [from home] wasn't a big factor when I made my decision, but now that I think about it having been able to make a decision to stay closer to home will allow me to see my family more, to have them comes to the home games, especially since we have so many home games this year," stated Ruch.

Ruch, the 6-foot-3 and 290-pounder, has seemingly found his new home at the Center position. With a quick snap and rapid hand motion, to go along with a speedy initial move off the ball, it seems to be the position he was suited to play. But, it's not all that goes into the Center position, that makes it the quarterbacking spot for the offensive line, and in many ways, the most grueling in the trenches. "Being able to make all the line calls is really the most difficult. There is stuff going on during a scrimmage for example, that may not be exactly what you know, and you have to be able to improvise based on what you know," stated Ruch. It's a steep learning curve, one that demands as much attention to informational detail as it does physical prowess.

Ruch, despite not having completed his first full camp, has already grabbed the bull by the proverbial horns and cemented himself as a 2nd team Center.

"Since I got here, I've really just been trying to learn as much as possible. The game is different than the high school game. It's true what they say about players being bigger and faster at the collegiate level, but there is so much more learning of the game that you have to do now. There are a lot more mental reps at this level as compared to high school. One of the things that has helped me has been rooming with Ryan Blaszczyk, the first team center, and I've been able to pick up on a lot of things from him. He's been a great help to me," said Ruch.

The transition to the collegiate game has been quite smooth, especially considering the difficulties in adaptation for linemen. It takes a very special sort of character and skill to be able to shoot through the depth charts in such limited time. Jeremy Zuttah is one that quickly comes to mind, as he saw playing time during his true freshman year. Anthony Davis, the all-everything HS All-American is likely to undergo a similar progression. And now, in the same class, Caleb Ruch has placed himself in a similar situation that may see him get reps at a stage very atypical for collegiate offensive linemen.

"It really doesn't matter if I play or not. It's all up to the coaches. My job is to continue to learn from those ahead of me, learn the line calls, and become a better player," continued Ruch. It's no surprise that with this sort of attitude on continued improvement on a snap by snap basis and detailed attention to film study, Ruch has elevated his status impressively in a limited time as member of the Rutgers Football team.

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