Silvestro plans on contributing this year

The Rutgers defense has been among the nation's leaders in sacks. Coach Schiano looks to make this a perennial honor & among the team's trademarks. He identifies players who have the ability to play his style of defense. True freshman Alex Silvestro appears to be one that precisely fits the head man's scheme.

During the past two seasons, the Scarlet Knights defense has been among the nation's leaders in pressuring and sacking opposing QBs. In his dual duties as head coach and defensive coordinator, Coach Greg Schiano will look to make this a perennial honor and among the team's trademarks. The Scarlet Knights have been able to attain this distinction with Coach Schiano's identification of players who have the determination and abilities to play this style of defense. True freshman Alex Silvestro appears to be one of these players who have displayed these abilities.

The former state heavyweight wrestling champion has been able to adjust to division 1A football. Although he admits the initial adjustment was slow as he got used to not being among the biggest and fastest players on the field. As he states, "everyone is fast …and the quickness of the game is another big adjustment". Another adjustment for Silvestro is playing the DE position from a three-point stance. In high school, he was a stand-up (two-point stance) DE where he also had pass coverage responsibilities.

At Rutgers, he is strictly a pass rusher and has run contain responsibilities which actually plays to his strengths. For Silvestro, he is blessed with a good first step, strength, and leverage along with long arms. These attributes have allowed him to be an exceptional pass rusher which has catapulted him right into the mix for significant playing time.

His goal is to contribute to the team's success in one form or another. However, he would like to play immediately rather than redshirt.

"I really do not want to sit. If I have to, I will but I would rather play", stated Silvestro.

Silvestro will likely have his opportunity to play on special teams and in pass rush situations where his skills can be on full display.

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