Johnson's big, early play paces Rutgers

George Johnson first made waves as a Scarlet Knight during his initial year as member of the Rutgers Football team, also against Navy.

Rutgers Football controlled Navy from the opening snap in 2006. The shutout victory of one year ago was also the unofficial arrival of then Fr. DE George Johnson to the Banks of The Raritan. It was during that game that fans got their first taste of the big-hitting and playmaking defensive end prospect from south Jersey. Fast forward one year later and George Johnson, now a sophomore and a staple of the Rutgers defensive line, came up with the first of several big defensive plays.

After the Rutgers defense forced a Greg Veveto punt - one that was launched for 58 yards - an offside call on RU negated the 4th down play and the Midshipmen offense was granted another offensive opportunity. Kaheaku-Enhada would then complete a 10-yard pass play to Reggie Campbell; unfortunately for Navy, that was in turn also negated by a penalty. Navy went right back to the pass on the very next play and a Kaheaku-Enhada pass went sailing right into the waiting hands of So. DE George Johnson.

With the significant field advantage, RU's ensuing drive lasted 3 plays (3 Ray Rice rushes) and burned off a shade over 1 minute as the Scarlet Knights took a 14 point lead they would never relinquish. SOR had the opportunity to talk to George Johnson and discuss the first tone-setting defensive play of the game, the defensive line scheme utilized by Coach Schiano especially for Navy, and more.

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