Is Brandon Harris still looking at Rutgers?

Brandon Harris is among the best DBs in the state of Florida. Some of the best programs in the nations are in pursuit of this 4-star prospect. SOR has the opportunity to discuss where he stands in the recruiting process.

Brandon Harris is well known to football recruiting fans in the NJ/NYC area. He has been a standout the last two years at the Rutgers camp. His dad’s relationship with the Rutgers’ staff led to a New York Times article last November where his dad, “Ice Harris”, stated he could foresee his son choosing Rutgers over home-town Miami. But just last month in a article, Harris had named his top schools as Miami, Florida, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and LSU. It seemed as if Rutgers was on the outside looking in.

Also of influence for Harris could have been the commitment of his two teammates, Davon Johnson and Thearon Collier to Miami. Many rumors had Harris as a strong lean and near commitment towards the Canes. However, with the season now two weeks into play, Harris continues to pledge that he is open to everyone.

“I heard those rumors as well, and they were news to me. I know Davon and Thearon would love for me to play with them, but they don’t pressure me. They know that I have to make the best decision for my own future. I like Miami a lot and they have some great people over there, but I am not ready to commit to anyone. Coach Shannon and Coach Walton are great people. Coach Walton and I speak quite a bit. I think it is good with him being the defensive coordinator and all that he be the one strongly recruiting me. It is good that we get to know each other”.

And with the season two weeks in to play, Harris has begun to field plenty of attention. “I have been getting a lot of calls now that coaches could reach me. Some of the schools that have let me know I am important to them are Miami, Florida, Rutgers, Tennessee, Georgia Tech and UCF. There are many more schools that have called, but those are some that really stand out. I have developed great relationships with coaches at those schools. Doc Holliday and Urban Meyer are tenacious and on me really hard. They want me to go up and play for them. I will be heading up to Florida this week for my official visit when they play Tennessee. Coach David Kelly at UCF is someone I have a special bond with. It is more than just football with Coach Kelly. He is someone I connect strongly with”.

And good news for Rutgers, Harris feels that Piscataway is a place that he could foresee himself playing. “Rutgers is still very much in it for me. My relationship with those coaches is too close for them to not be a place I strongly consider. They are special people up there”.

Harris wants to take his official visits during the season and then make a decision subsequent to those trips. “It depends on what my schedule is like, but I may have to go up on Saturday mornings for my official trips for most places. But I definitely want to take my five trips and see where I am the best fit at”.

With DB being a position of incredible need in this recruiting class, Harris would be a major coup for the Scarlet Knights. While this will be a recruiting battle to the end, it is certain the Knights will make a strong push in their quest to obtain the services of this quality student-athlete who could become an immediate impact player.

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