Elijah Robinson


Elijah Robinson

Elijah Robinson (6'3"-240lbs) is one of the best DE's in the state of New Jersey. He plays on the opposite side of the line from another outstanding DE Claude "Turk" McBride along with a number of other standouts such as Preston Brown and Robert Webb. On a team with a number of such standouts, Robinson has obtained his share of interest in the form of over 15 scholarships.

He lists his top 5 schools, in no order, as Maryland, North Carolina, Miami, Notre Dame, and West Virginia. Although he lists Notre Dame and Miami as some of his favorites, he is still awaiting offers from the two schools.

So far, he has setup two official visits.
· Maryland - October 17th
· North Carolina - December 13th

He plans to schedule the remainder of his visits before the beginning of November.
His parents, head coach, and he will determine the remainder of his visits. They will use the number of players at his position, academic reputation and support, graduation percentage, and early playing time as a determinant.

As many prospects, Robinson would like to play with his high school teammates in college. Therefore, he is not ruling out the possibility of a group deal for the four Division 1A prospects. He stated that they have talked about this on a number of occasions.

How did he perform in his last game?
In a loss to Holy Cross High School, he had 12 tackles and 1 sack.

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