Theo Riddick:Likely NJ's #1 prospect in 2008

The 2009 New Jersey recruiting class has a lot of big-time talent. Many people consider the best player in the class to be Theo Riddick, a multi-talented running back with breakaway speed. Similar to many of the best running backs in the country, Riddick's talents were on display early as he was an impact player as a freshman. See what he has to say about his recruitment to date.

Last season (as a sophomore), he led Immaculata H.S to the state championship behind his 23 touchdowns and 1,397 yards rushing. Riddick's talents have not escape the radar of the major college programs. Although colleges were only able to provide junior prospects with a written scholarship offer as of September 1st, Riddick already holds two offers from Boston College and Virginia. Many of the top programs in the nation are also showing heavy interest. Some of these schools are Rutgers, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and Maryland.

Boston College was the first school to provide Riddick with a scholarship offer. For Riddick, he states "it is a good school with good academics. There has been a huge change in the program. They are more exciting, the team has a lot more chemistry and they are playing as one".

Virginia provided him with his second offer. Riddick stated that "they are getting better year by year. Goldie Sammis (former UVa player and Immaculata player) has told me a lot about the program".

His home state school, Rutgers, seems to be making an impression on Riddick. As he stated, "Coach Schiano has made some major improvements. He changed the program and they are getting better players every year. Last year, they got Anthony Davis. He was the best linemen in the nation. More and more athletes are staying in state. It is a great thing that they have athletes and can compete with the other schools".

Another school that Riddick mentioned was Maryland. For which he stated, "they are getting better talent. They struggled a few years ago but they are coming back".

Riddick is not sure when he will make a decision but it will be based on three criteria. The first is the location of the school. He would like to stay close to home but he is keeping his options open. His second criteria is academics. For him, he is looking for a great school with a track record for graduating their players. Finally, he is looking for a good football program with a great coach, steady improving team and a great tradition.

To assist him in making his decision, he can rely on one of his cousins who has recently completed the recruiting process as one of the best players in New Jersey, Rutgers freshman Mason Robinson. Although Robinson attends Rutgers, Riddick states that it will not affect his decision-making process. Even so, Riddick has been attending the Rutgers games. He was unable to attend the last game against Maryland and felt the Scarlet Knights "came out flat and the game did not go their way". He plans on attending Rutgers' next game against Cincinnati.

For now, Riddick is intending on winning another state championship. So far, he has 450 yards rushing and his team is 4-0.

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