RU vs Cincy Photos

SOR provides you with the Rutgers - Cincy game in photos.

Photos from Cincy 2007

Ray Rice (27) getting an escort from Jack Corcoran (19) and Mike Fladell (72).

The scoreboard denoting Ray Rice's latest record.

Jack Corcoran (19) leading the way for Ray Rice (27) through the hole.

Tim Brown (2) attempting to shake a Cincy tackler.

Tim Brown (2) turning up field after a reception.

Mike Teel (12) jumps to make the throw as a Cincy defender is charging him.

Jabu Lovelace (15)accelerate through the hole on one of his appearances in the game.

Jeremy Ito (1) and Andrew DePoala (16) before a field goal attempt

Jamaal Westerman (90) tackling the Cincy ball carrier.

Jamaal Westerman (90) and Eric Forter (56) making the tackle.

Brandon Bing (30) making the pass breakup.

Damaso Munoz (17 squares up to make the tackle.

Devin McCourty (21) races to the endzone after an interception.

Jason McCourty (25) and Devin McCourty (21) celebrate after the TD.

Jamaal Westerman (90) applying pressure on the Cincy QB.

Marco Battaglia and his family display his Rutgers Hall of Fame plaque


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