Back in Business

The pre-season thought was that Rutgers receiver Tim Brown would be vital to the offense, by providing big play potential. Last season, Brown caught a 72-yard touchdown pass against No. 15 West Virginia and had a 49-yard grab for a score in the Texas Bowl. As a true freshman, Brown showed flashes of his skill once he got the ball in his hands.

However, it was his hand that would be that which held him back earlier this year. During pre-season practice, Brown broke his left hand and was forced to watch the team succeed early without him. These days, Brown is back in the mold and in the last two games has begun to make his presence known. The sophomore wide-out put his speed on display on several occasions as quarterback Mike Teel has found the five foot eight inch receiver open short over the middle, letting his legs do the rest.

"Coach Schiano teaches us to attack, attack, attack the ball." Brown said. "Every time I see the ball in the air I am going to attack it. No matter who is behind me, I am going for extra yards and go out there to do my best."

With Brown now back, Rutgers has three dynamic receivers that can do different things. Kenny Britt is used a lot for stretching the defense on deep passes. Tiquan Underwood can be used as a possession receiver and also presents a threat down the field. Brown is a guy that can get open underneath the coverage and once he gets the ball, he is able to get to the corners of the field very quickly.

"If they want to take away one receiver, you got two other receivers to worry about," Brown said. "You really can't take away two receivers."

Brown provides depth at the receiver position and combined with running back Ray Rice and quarterback Mike Teel, provide defenses with a very tough look to stop. The Scarlet Knights have a lot of weapons that they can use. Depending upon the defense's game plan, Rutgers' offense can make the necessary adjustments to attack the weakness of the other team.

Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano is particularly happy to have Brown back and enjoys using his abilities in different ways.

"He (Brown) is a dangerous guy underneath and he is a dangerous guy over the top," Coach Schiano said. "All of you guys got to see him last year over the top, now you get to see some of the things he can do [in the] intermediate and running underneath."

The receiver out of Miami, FL has not experience injuries too much in his career and he wanted to prove to the coaching staff as soon as possible that he was ready to get back on the field.

"All of the sudden it started feeling good," Brown said. "I started telling Coach (Schiano) I was ready and he told me, 'nah, your not ready yet. The doctor said you're not ready yet.' So one day I just had Mike (Teel) throw me a pass and I caught it. Coach happened to turn around and looked. I said 'yeah, my hand is feeling better.'"

Over the past two weeks, Brown has been one of the featured targets. He has made 14 catches for 199 yards in the games against Cincinnati and Maryland. Brown's growth will only continue to help the offense to give the opposition different and more confusing looks.

"We worked hard all summer," Brown said. "Ti (Underwood), Kenny (Britt), me, and Mike (Teel) got together on weekends. We worked on the types of things you see us do today. Once you see me on the inside with those two guys on the outside, defenses don't know what to do."

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