Rutgers-Syracuse Photos

SOR provides a view of the Rutgers-Syracuse game in photos.

Rutgers vs. Syracuse 2007

Jean Beljour breaks a tackle after a catch.

Kenny Britt goes high to get one of his six passes for 176 yards.

Kenny Britt explodes up field on his 42 yards sprint to the endzone.

Kenny Britt hauls in another pass.

Eric Foster closing in on the Syracuse QB.

Jack Corcoran catches a pass in the flat and turns up field.

Jabu Lovelace in the open field.

Kevin Malast tackes the Syracuse QB

Kevin Malast fights off the block to make the tackle.

Mason Robinson looking for running space.

Ray Rice on one of his 37 carries.

Ray Rice accelerates away from the Syracuse defense.

Ray Rice looks to complete one of his long runs.

The Rutgers offense celebrates Ray Rice's TD.

Ryan D'Imperio makes a tackle behind the line of scrimmage.

The Rutgers DL applys pressure on the Syracuse QB.

Jameel Westerman and Eric Foster pressuring the Syracuse QB.

Joe Lefeged registers one of his two sacks.

Joe Lefeged on his second sack,

Brandon Renkart sacks the Syracuse QB.

Joe Lefeged closes in on the Syracuse QB.

Vantise Studivant sacking the Syracuse QB

Coach Schiano focusing on the game.

Coach Schiano straying on to the field.

Joe Legefed tackling the Syracuse WR

Kevin Malast wrap-up the Syracuse quarterback.

Devin McCourty tackling the Syracuse QB

Courtney Greene and Glenn Lee breaks up a pass.

Mike Teel prepares for a pass.

Tim Brown runs up field on a kick return.

Coach Schiano and Kevin Brock singing the Rutgers school song.

Kenny Britt and Tim Brown singing the Rutgers fight song.

The Rutgers team prepares to sing the school song.

Photograph provided by SOR Staff photographer Will Schneekloth.
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