Former Player Perspective:Keif Bryant - USF

As a feature, SOR has asked a number of former players to provide their written commentary on each of the Rutgers games. This commentary is meant to give the readers of SOR a view of the game from a former player's perspective. This week's perspective is from former Rutgers standout and former NFL player Keif Bryant.

So there I am standing on the sidelines, pregame watching USF warm up while a student tries to taunt him with chants from the stands. I kind of laugh to myself and think "silly boy, doesn't he know that booing a kid from Fl is like throwing jet fuel on a fire…. We love it" Fast-forward,

So now its kick-off and I, as many of the others in the stands are curious to see how RU will bounce back after the two game skid.

Speed….if I had to use one word to describe this game it would be speed. On both sides of the ball. I personally was curious as to how well RU would match up with the speed of USF.

I must say that I was please with the play calling on both sides of the ball. Staying aggressive the entire game slowed down the Bulls. Grothe was forced to throw on the run (which for USF is not always a bad thing) but none the less he was never really able to get comfortable behind the line. The constant attacking also helped the corners out. The reason I single out the corners is mainly because that was the only position on the field were I feel RU did not match up well with USF. The Bulls receivers were just faster then the corners of RU. This was demonstrated on numerous occasions where quick timing passes were thrown, and the receiver just ran away from the corner. None the less the defense held up and made big plays when it needed to.

"Three yards and a cloud of dust." This was popular phrase that my roommate and former lineman Ibrahim Washington would say while playing Madden 92'. This seemed to be the game plan for the use of Ray Rice. The RU offense pounded the ball between the tackles all night. The line played much better then it has in the previous weeks. Getting to their blocks, and keeping them, blocking down field, just rolling thunder. The passing game to me seemed to be on par with the previous two weeks. Teel was still having a few control issues, possible attributed to the injury to his hand (I saw in on the sideline getting looked at by the trainers.). There were a few times where he predetermined prior to the snap where he wanted to throw the ball, missing wide open receivers on 3rd down situations resulting in having to punt the ball. But again he was on par for how he has been playing all season.

For you old heads reading this. Remember Thurman Thomas on Madden 91' through 93'. You know breaking tackles all over the place. That was Mr. Rice. This was the first time since last season that I was able to see him play in person. Only in person can you truly see the improvements he has made. To hear the defensive lineman hit then bounce off the turf after being stiff armed from across the field is to say the least impressive. This young man ran with a determination that losing this game was not an option. The leadership he showed on the field just seamed to consume the offense and they played with this air about them. I liked it and hope that they keep it for the remaining games.

I have been watching games all season from the comfort of my sofa here in CT. I have watched Britt run away from DBs of questionable speed all season long. I knew he could catch, but the speed he displayed on his touchdown reception at the beginning of the second half; I am a believer Mr. Britt.

The bottom line for me is the team seems to be back on track. I, as I am sure the rest of the RU fans hope that they have learned and improved from the two losses and that those are the last of the season.

By the way, kid in the stands… I think the taunts worked..

Let's go Knights.

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