A New Offensive Weapon

A new name has been showing up in the receiving part of the stat sheet the past couple of weeks. Rutgers tight end Kevin Brock has begun to get more involved in the offense. The junior out of Hackensack High School arrived "On the Banks" in 2004 and has seen limited playing time throughout a majority of his playing career, but has recently showed signs of becoming a major weapon.

In the past two weeks, Brock has caught six passes and made some key plays for RU Head Coach Greg Schiano. Brock provides another offensive weapon out of the tight end position that helps give opposing defenses just another thing to think about.

"When you look at our offense, I wouldn't say it is one of our strengths," Coach Schiano said. "What it is doing is allow us to operate with a tight end in the game and that is good. Last two weeks, our tight ends made two big plays, really more than that, made a few catches. If that can become just a minimally productive position, that is great, it just gives us another weapon."

Brock has impressed his teammates with his progression. He has an impressivework ethic that has helped Rutgers get something out of the tight end position, when early in the season it looked as though the position would not be featured in the passing offense as in years past.

"A tight end is an extremely important part of the offense," Rutgers quarterback Mike Teel said. "The style we use, you need a tight end to block and catch the ball out of the backfield. He (Brock) has just kept working. When things weren't going his way, he wouldn't say anything. He just keeps working and keeping at the task and it has paid off. He has had the opportunity to make some plays and so far he has done it."'

Throughout most of the season, the tight end position has been used in a by-committee approach. Brock motivated himself to be a key contributor in the offense and has now become a guy that has jumped on the scene in the middle of the season. His presence will make linebackers think twice about cheating the extra yard or two closer to the line of scrimmage. Moreover, Brock will give Teel an important high-percentage outlet, when his primary receivers are taken out of the play.

"There are a lot of threats out there," Brock said. "Those guys (rest of the offense) can make plays. As a defense, it presents them with some challenges. Sometimes I might step out and make a play and it feels great."

Coming off an intense game against then second ranked South Florida and now with another top ten team in town, Brock and rest of the Scarlet Knights are solely focused on their next opponent and trying to bring back a win.

"West Virginia is a very unique team," Brock said. "They do some different things that we really don't see much of, as far as alignments go. We just need to run our plays the way they are designed to fit the plan and see how it works out."

Rutgers' only Big East lost came to Cincinnati who has lost two straight conference games. This has now allowed the Scarlet Knights to seize control of their own destiny. A win against West Virginia would go a long way in giving RU a leg up in the fight to win the Big East and play in a BCS game. Certainly, the same can be said for the Mountaineers, who are looking to put their early season conference loss (to South Florida) in the rear-view mirror. Underscoring the importance of the game, both in conference and from a national perspective, ABC has decided to bring in their top broadcast crew to Piscataway for Saturday's contest.

"We are just worrying about this next game," Brock said. "That stuff down the road, it is going to come. We take care of business and chop like we are supposed to, things will happen."

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