Riddick taking the recruiting process slow

Highly touted Immaculata junior RB Theo Riddick is expected to be the number one prospect out of New Jersey next year. He's already received a number of scholarship offers, along with having Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis visit his school. See what he has to say about his recruiting and what will factor into his decision.

It is more than a year before junior running back sensation Theo Riddick has to make a decision on where he will spend his college years. So, he is taking the recruiting process slowly and just trying to enjoy high school right now. "When the time comes, I will talk to my family about what school suits me best," Riddick said. "I haven't really thought of choosing a school, and if I want to commit early or not."

So far, he's has received offers from Boston College and Virginia, and said that they have shown equal interest in him. Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis met with him last Friday at his school.

Riddick appears to have interest the Scarlet Knights. During this season, he has been to a lot of games to watch his cousin, freshman running back Mason Robinson.

"The USF game was the last one I went to," he said. "It was a great experience, so much different than it was in the past. The coaches were into it, the crowd was crazy, and I felt like a little kid again. They changed their whole team around, and I think they look awesome."

Riddick had 16 carries for 100 yards and two touchdowns last game. He also had a 25 yard reception.

As a sophomore he had 1,352 yards on 172 carries for 23 touchdowns.

Immaculata is ranked fifth in the state at 8-0 and will take on fourth ranked Hunter Central on Friday.

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