Days of Rage

 Fan Feedback on the McGreevey plan to water down our degrees

Many fans were outraged like this fan

"Mike, I can't express how outraged I am that one solitary politician, at a
single point in time, can unilaterally wipe out nearly 200 years of
tradition. The name Rutgers does not belong to the governor of a state. It
belongs to every student, every graduate, and every supporter, living and
dead, who has cheered for RU. I just dropped him an email to let him know my
thoughts, and told him if this goes through I will do everything I can and
scrape up every dollar I have, to run his ass out of office and to campaign
against every Democrat that supports him.

If this goes through, like you, this will be the end of the road for me.
I've had season tickets for 25 years, give $1,000 year to Scarlet R, fly up
and back from Florida for every home football game (yes, I was one of the
diehards sitting in the rain at last Saturday's game), and love Rutgers
University--NOT some directionally-hyphenated addition to the state.

If there is anything I can do from my base in Florida to help, including
contributions of money and time to defeat this idea, please let me know."

This fan came up with a suggestion to publicize the names of traitors to New Jersey and I will definitely take him up on this suggestion

"Mike- I'm in the process of drafting a letter to McGreedy on a number of
negative issues- this is only the latest. One thing that you should set your
sights on is recording and publishing the votes of all state politicians on the
topic of the merger and name change. We'll need to know this because I WILL
vote against my rep if he goes along with it."

Another great suggestion was to spread the word, that is up to fans like you.

"Thanks for posting, mike. emailed every alumni i can think of w/ a link to your site (so far around 30-35 folks). I'm furious. My question is how many times has this been proposed in the past and is this the greatest threat so far to losing the RU name? Can't hurt to campaign our case on 101.5. Even though they're meat heads most of the time and whine, they can get a lot done if we have alot of Alumni call up. they like to stir up the pot and cause trouble.
thanks for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated."

Many felt like I do.

"I can't believe this is happening!!!"

Some copied me with their letters to our "Governor"

"Governor McGreevey,
It has come to my attention that you have proposed a bill
to change the name of Rutgers to the "University of New Jersey". I agree to
a certain point that New Jersey needs more recognition for the state
university system.

However, at what costs? Rutgers has such a rich tradition and as an Alumni,
I believe the tradition will be made light of with a generic "University of
NJ" title.

If you believe Rutgers is not recognized, I invite you to wear a hat or
t-shirt when you leave New Jersey. I travel to various parts of the U.S.
every month, and I always get stopped on the streets, or in airports to
discuss the state of Rutgers (from football to research).

Re-naming the university will cause more confusion and it will also strip
the pride that hundreds of thousands Alumni share.

I urge you to remove this bill, and focus on other urgent issues that
students face in New Jersey.

I graduated from Rutgers University, not "University of [insert state

Some wrote to tell McGreevey of the consequences -the only type a politician understands

The understanding is that one of several primary reasons for the current
proposal to merge Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey,
NJIT and UMDNJ, relates to the lack of financial research support
available for the medical school. With this merger, the medical school
would likely profit from the financial standing and name of Rutgers.

While this seems like a plausible reason for opening such a discussion,
the fact remains that many Rutgers alumni and current students would feel
their diploma devalued by such a merger. Furthermore, the name Rutgers
signifies a long-standing tradition that is regarded with both respect and
esteem statewide and nationwide.

While I obtained my B.S.('99) and M.S.('02) degrees at Rutgers, I have
volunteered my time and money towards many matters I considered worthy of
my efforts. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree at Rutgers and
although my time of leisure has decreased substantially I am happy to say
that my involvement and continued efforts on behalf of various groups of
the Rutgers community have increased.

However, should the proposed eradication of the Rutgers name and
institution, the way it stands today, pass, my continued involvement,
both physical and financial will cease. Lastly, I am also a New Jersey
citizen and I take my constitutional right to vote seriously and plan to
participate fully at the upcoming elections."

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