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Dan Welch Scouts Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is the epitome of smash-mouth Big East football. The Hokies have developed a reputation for an aggressive, physical, and tough defense. The offense is plain as vanilla, based upon a punishing ground game that can include the option, but is effective. Special teams are the trademark of "Beamer Ball," though. Virginia Tech is coming off a disappointing season that saw them slip into a three-way tie for 3rd place in the Big East. The Hokies are looking to reclaim their place as one of the top two teams in the conference. However, the loss of 12 starters means that the Hokies must improve while overhauling the lineup, especially on defense. Here's a look at the blue-collar heroes of the Big East.


Knights in the Pros - Ray Lucas

Lucas, 30, has experience as a starter, though not in Miami. When the Jets' Vinny Testaverde was hurt during the 1999 season, Bill Parcells used Tom Tupa and Rick Mirer before turning to Lucas, a former Rutgers star who made the NFL in 1996 as a rookie free agent on special teams. Lucas went 6-3 and nearly led the Jets into the playoffs, throwing for 1,678 yards and 14 touchdowns, with just six interceptions. ''I was a young buck,'' said Lucas, who beat Miami twice that season. ``I was still in diapers at the time. Now, I'm a lot older.' 'Lucas gets his chance because Fiedler's hand hit the helmet of Denver lineman Lional Dalton after he completed a 5-yard pass to Ricky Williams.
The Miami Herald | 10/15/2002 | Fiedler to miss six to eight weeks

Question: Can the Dolphins win with Ray Lucas at quarterback?

Answer: Yes.

Better question: If they do, what happens when Jay Fiedler is healthy again?

Answer: Hmmm . . .
The Miami Herald | 10/15/2002 | Lucas will succeed, and then what?

Top High School Performances

Matt Dicken  had 154 yds rushing on 26 carries and a TD. (he also had a 10 yd TD run called back after a penalty in the first qtr.) That brings his 5 game total to 703 yds with an avg. of 7 yds per carry.

Tony Lester's Jean Ribault HS (Florida) is still undefeated with a win over Jackson High School. Tony had eight tackles and a sack. Against Forest HS the week prior Jean Ribault won 35-19 Lester had 9 tackles including 6 for a loss and a sack." Rutgers called up after the game asking for a copy of his game tapes

Albert Young ran for 323 yards on 15 carries in one of the top performances in Burlington County history.


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Fan Feedback

 I was able to attend my first game on Saturday, with a son and a
brother. Two comments: (1) With all the coverage of the awful offense, I
will say that I believe the defense played a courageous game in the
circumstances. (2) This was the second game I attended when I had to park
at the LAC in the rain. When I departed, I commented to attending staff
members at the bus loading spot that I would think that they might get
around to paving the walkway. WVU attendees were impressed by the
facilities, but depressed (as I was) by having to walk through mud. Yuk!!


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