NJ DB owns three offers

DB Fritz Headley has received offers from Temple, Akron and Connecticut with the Huskies showing him the most interest. He plans on receiving an offer from Cincinnati and it appears that the Bearcats along with the Huskies are his favorites. Come see where Rutgers stands, when he plans on making a decision, and what will factor into his final choice.

Safety Fritz Headley has received scholarship offers from Temple, Akron, Connecticut and said he's looking to receive one from Cincinnati. Out of the group, the Huskies have shown him the most interest.

When asked, Headley said he didn't really have a list of favorites, but if he had to put one together it would consist of Cincinnati, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and Illinois in no particular order. From the discussion, the Bearcats and the Huskies appear to be his favorites of the group.

The Hackensack, N.J. resident hasn't received an offer from the Scarlet Knights yet, but said he's impressed with the program. "I like their team," he said. "They're well put together, and the school is close to home."

The senior defensive back plans on making his final decision sometime after the high school season ends when he sits down with his family and coaches and looks through all the schools with them together. When that time does arrive, academics will be the main factor in his decision along with playing time he said.

"Academics come first," he said. "I'm focused on graduating and getting a diploma. I also want to go to a place where I can play early because I will try my best and want to be able to move up the depth chart."

In regards to camps, Headley said he isn't sure where he'll go exactly, but is interested in going to one so he can boost up his recruiting value.. "I'm not really sure where I'll go," he said. "I'm planning on going to my next event in the spring that is most likely either a camp or combine that I can boost up my stats."

Last game, Hacksensack lost to Kennedy 20-6. Headley said he played well registering eight tackles, and a few passes defended. In terms of the season he said, "I just want to finish out the season strong. I would like to build up my stats and pick up some interceptions. Team wise I want to make sure everyone is focused and that everyone on the field knows their assignments."

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