Hamm has a top 5

Three star DE prospect Marquis Hamm was unable to give an exact date for when his next official visit will be. The 6-foot-4 New Brunswick, N.J. native did say that he plans on seeing Iowa and Syracuse "as soon as possible." Colorado, Rutgers, Iowa, Syracuse, and Cincinnati round out his top five. Come see what will play a factor in his decision and what he likes about each school.

Three star prospect Marquis Hamm wasn't able to give an exact date of when his next official visit will be.

The New Brunswick defensive end went on an official visit on Sept. 29 to Colorado with teammates Brandon Smith and Paul Vigo when the Buffaloes upset Oklahoma. He was suppose to go on visits to Iowa and Syracuse, but was unable to due to a conflict in schedule with his high school games.

"I'm not really sure what date I will visit them," Hamm said. "My season is over now so I plan on visiting them and I will try to get their as soon as possible."

When asked if where Smith and Vigo went would influence his decision he said, "I'm not too sure. I'm going to make my decision after I take all of my visits. I don't want to be rushed into a choice, I want to make sure I go to all my official visits to see the schools."

Right now, Hamm's top five consists of Colorado, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Iowa, and Syracuse. The two main factors in his decision will be academics and how he gets along with the players.

He brought up his relationships with the players when he discussed why each of the schools were in his top five. That was the case when he went on an unofficial visit with the Orange and the Scarlet Knights.

"I've been up to Rutgers several times on unofficial visits," he said. "I really got along with the players and the coaching staff. There's a high percentage of me going there. I could highly see myself playing there.

"The coaches showed me a lot when I went up to Syracuse," he said. "I also got along well with the players well."

Hamm has been to Rutgers' home games against Cincinnati, Buffalo, and plans on going to the Pittsburgh game. "[Rutgers] record doesn't really matter now," he said. "It's all about how they finish in the end. I just saw them on television a few days ago playing well against Army."

With Iowa, he said he visited the school not to long ago and the coaches said he would be a great fit at the position for them.

One thing is for sure, early playing time will not play a major factor in his final choice.

"I just want to play," he said. "I don't care about being a true freshman or not. I don't have to play right away."

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