Riddick has nationally attention

Jr. RB Theo Riddick will likely be the No. 1 recruit out of New Jersey next year and has interest from schools around the nation. Come see who is starting to show the running back interest and his feelings on the Rutgers program.

Immaculata junior running back Theo Riddick is expected to be the No. 1prospect out of the Garden State. He said earlier that he's received offers from Boston College and Virginia, but contact with the two ACC schools has been "on and off" according to him. "I haven't received any other offers yet," Riddick said. "Just a lot of letters."

Riddick met with Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis when the coach made a visit to New Jersey, but hasn't received an offer from the Irish. "Nothing from them yet, but they're sending me a ton of letters," he said.

Last Friday he talked to Temple's recruiting coordinator Matt Ruhle and said that they're "very interested."

Riddick still hasn't heard anything from the Rutgers, but he had good things to say about the program and would be interested if they approached him. "Obviously they've improved and I can they have a great program that I can see myself playing for," he said. "Rutgers offense is well balanced. As a running back, I see that they run the ball very often, but they have great passing to go along with it. They have great talent."

He has a connection with the program through his cousin who is freshman running back Mason Robinson. He said that they talk often, but his cousin isn't trying to recruit him.
"We talk often," he said. "He doesn't really talk about going to Rutgers, he just talks about college and that I've got to make my own decision."

It's still early in the recruiting process for the Immaculata junior so he hasn't given any thought to what his favorite schools are or have a list of favorite schools yet. He did say that Miami has been one of his favorite school's since his childhood though.

In regards to high school, Riddick said everything is going well. "It's going well, I finished the season with over 1,000 yards, had plenty of TD's, and my team will be playing in the championship at Rutgers in two weeks."

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