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We need Everyone's assistance

Most, if not all, of the Rutgers graduates and students would not like to see the name of our institution changed. We can let our voice be heard.
Please contact your state legislator and let her or she know on no uncertain terms that you disagree with this action and it will effect your vote come election time. Below you will find a link on how to find out your legislator contact information. Please let them know today.
State Legislator by District

I have never been comfortable with the idea of Rutgers University as a state school. During my lifetime, it has been under the whim of the Caesar of Drumthwacket, but I'm probably one of a limited few who can claim an ancestor who graduated from Queens College, in the days before Colonel Henry Rutgers gave a bond, a bell, and his good name to be plastered on the gate. A few of my ancestors received their lambskin degrees before the state's takeover in 1956. In thinking of a phrase from the Roman poet Horace, my "ancestral acres" are old Rutgers sod. Unfortunately, I feel a significant part of my heritage being violated by the imperialistic whims of a power-hungry, influence-peddling Boss Tweed holding court in the front office of the Statehouse.
Merger leaves graduates hanging

The Board of Trustees will hold its first meeting of the semester tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. in Winants Hall on the Old Queens campus. But with the announcement of the possible merger of Rutgers, New Jersey Institute of Technology and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, the meeting may not follow the agenda.
BOT Chairman Leslie Goodman said it would introduce University Acting President Norman Samuels to the board. The agenda also includes the introduction of seven new board members.
Board may discuss possible merger

What if Rutgers wasn't Rutgers anymore? Thanks to Gov. James E. McGreevey's embracing of a proposal to merge three state universities, it's a question University students will have to answer.
Monday's debut of a proposal created by the New Jersey Commission on Health, Science, Education and Training suggests that our school, Rutgers, should merge with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and the New Jersey Institute of Technology into a single statewide system. In addition to affecting college sports, disturbing alumni contributions and raising huge budgetary issues, Rutgers may lose its name. And for students past, present and possibly future, it will be like losing their home.
Formerly known as


If the previous Rutgers football coaching regime had offered him a scholarship, Doug Easlick would be playing for the Scarlet Knights.
That's painful 20-20 hindsight for Rutgers considering the 5-foot-11, 230-pound redshirt junior from Marlton is now the starting fullback at Virginia Tech.
Easlick might have played for Rutgers

It was one of those non-contact plays in spring practice that Lee Suggs has run more times than he can remember. But this one was different. With doubts still lingering about how his surgically-repaired left knee would hold up -- despite assurances by doctors that it would be as good as ever, maybe even better -- Suggs knew he had to see for himself.
Suggs covering lots of ground

What could possibly be a tougher challenge than facing the nation's leading rusher and second leading team rushing attack?
A week after facing West Virginia's dynamic tandem of halfbacks Avon Cobourne and Quincy Wilson, there will be no off week for the much-improved Rutgers run defense.
As the Scarlet Knights prepare to face the No. 3 team in the country, undefeated Virginia Tech, this Saturday, one of the key match-ups within the match-up will take place between the Knights defense and the vaunted Va. Tech ground game.
VT backs concern RU

Knights in the Pros

It was a conversation between two Jersey guys. The old coach told the player he was going to send him a little care package this week.
"Whaddya gonna send me?" the player asked.
"Huggies," the coach responded.
Good thing Ray Lucas appreciates the wit of Bill Parcells. And Lucas can use the humor this week as he prepares to replace Dolphins quarterback Jay Fiedler, whose broken right thumb will keep him out until at least late November.
Dolphins QB Lucas a Parcells favorite


When Kareem Wright's mother saw her son for the first time in three months after he returned home last week, she was almost startled by the sight.
"What happened to the rest of you?" she asked.
Rutgers' slimmed-down Wright is ready to roll

Cortez Davis grew up in a southeastern section of Washington, D.C., known as Barry Farms, one of the city's toughest neighborhoods. "It's just surrounded by drugs, robberies and killings," Davis said. "All the negative things. You can get caught up in the negative things pretty easy. It's just waiting for you outside the front door."
That's why Davis always exited his public housing complex through a back door, which led to a basketball court, which was a haven from hell right in his own backyard.
Rutgers' Davis has come a long way from rough streets of Barry Farms

New Jersey High School Basketball

It doesn't take long to see how proud Jersey City is of St. Anthony High School. Driving in off the New Jersey Turnpike there is a sign that reads, "Welcome to Jersey City, Home of the Friars."
"Jersey City doesn't have very much going for it," said Theresa Miles, the director of development at St.Anthony. "But there is a lot of pride in this school. People should do right by it."
Another Hurley assist

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The mobile quarterback, a guy who can run as well as he can pass, has established itself as a label in the sport's lexicon during the last several years. Two seasons ago, Virginia Tech's Michael Vick upset the apple cart and led the outsider Hokies to the national championship game. The latest model, Iowa State's Seneca Wallace, is threatening to throw the national title picture into disarray Saturday when the No. 13 Cyclones meet No. 2 Oklahoma in Norman, Okla.
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