Walter Moranga

 Walter Moranga  5-7,165, K,  Snyder HS, Jersey City, NJ (out of Kenya, Africa)                

I recently found out about a relatively unknown player in North Jersey who has the capacity to make a impression at a Division 1A program. I talked to one of this coaches about the kicker from Africa who is taking up the game of football.

"I had to explain to him what an onside kick was and what it purpose was and he kicked it. He was a little rough on it. He's a power guy with his kicks but he got it down and got the ball to pop up."

"He kicks PATs like a machine. We back it up to 10, 20, 30, 40 and he kicks it dead on. He doesn't have any steps. He just runs and stuttersteps up and kicks it and it goes. He played soccer and rugby in Kenya, he is a natural."

"We went up and scrimmaged Blair and he got game experience. He doesn't know football, so he doesn't know what pressure is, he kicks it right through."

"He is a nice kid, a smart kid. He is a little sensitive when the other kids get on him about him being from Africa but he is a good a good kid and he loves football. I was working him into some linebacker drills and he said to me 'coach, that is not what I do'. He is getting proud of his success as a kicker, but he is a real athlete. He can run like a deer."

"He's super kid."

So far this season Walter had kicked 5 of 7 kickoffs into the endzone.

I caught up with him on Wednesday night.

"I have not yet had a opportunity for a field goal. In practice, I have been able to kick a 52 yard field goal in practice. I can kick six straight from that range. We are playing Hoboken on Friday, if I get the opportunity I am sure I can make it in game conditions."

I have been contacted by one school so far. I think it was Auburn. I was told that they will contact me but I haven't heard as of yet. I like Florida State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Miami, Washington State, Penn State. I really like those schools but I would be willing to listen to all offers. I have good grades, that won't be a problem. I have an A- average."


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