Days of Rage - Part II

 From a former wide receiver:

Typical politics.
There are more trying issues to tackle in NJ than to change the name of our University for a single system, money, and I'm an alum from upstate NY.
If this name change goes thru, it will be the biggest screwup NJ government has ever performed and I hope you all vote this Gov. out of office next re-election!
Being a former football player and an alum of RU (Cook College), I came to RU not just for football, but for the very high academic standing and tradition it is known for. Being from upstate NY, my peers, parents, HS teachers all suggested RU over BC, WV, Temple, Delaware to name a few. That tells you a lot right there! They all associated it w/ Ivy level and it still has that personal esteem today.
If you think about it, anyone w/ a degree from RU would have it devalued if the school is merged and renamed Univ of NJ! To me this is very upsetting ,doesn't sound good, lacks substance ,meaning ,and it's very generic.
I believe we lose all tradition that is regarded w/ both respect and esteem, not just statewide but nationally.
Why can't they merge into a single system they think is needed but keep the RU name?
From 1766 to present, all those who made RU what it is today (deceased and living) must be turning in their graves and the living pissed, to say the least.
They all had a vision, commitment to that vision, for the future of RU. We have had loyal ,hardworking and caring associates past and present who made RU what it is today w/ the RU name for 177 years. That's a lot of hard work and tradition that will be thrown away forever if this name change goes thru.
There has to be more important issues that students face than re-naming of RU!
Alums and supporters, I'm praying this doesn't happen!
We need to fight this!


From a former "two guard" who took Rutgers to the post season:

 I think it may take away from the history of RU because its almost like starting over with a new identity. I always thought we were recognized as the State University of NJ anyway. In a time when RU athletically struggles for an identity to change the name will even further contribute to its obscurity when it comes to presenting the school as a viable option for some of today's top student athletes in NJ and in the country.


From a former high level administrator at Rutgers who wasn't enthused by either the name change or the merger:

I thought that we settled the question "What's a Rutgers?" 23 years ago in
Knoxville, Tennessee. Do we have to do it all over again in New Jersey?

I'm from Missouri, I need to be shown what a big  difference this will make outside of the medical area. What about
undergraduate education, hotel management, etc.? I need to be assured that  this gigantic university doesn't suffer the same fate as the Meadowlands when the politicians took over ten years ago. I need to be reassured that the state will do a better job at the university level than it does at the K-12  level; with all of the bungling that Rutgers has done over the years, it doesn't hold a candle to the ineptness of the Department of Education. I am not against change, but something of this magnitude requires and demands
intelligent input from every area. It does not need the daily trumpeting from the assorted cheerleaders who profess to speak for all New Jerseyans.

From an "in stater":

I too have jetted off a strong email to Mayor McGreevy. He is no governor – the last good governor we had in this state was Tom Kean.

I have been spreading the "electronic" word to ports as far off as Japan. The response has been sheer outrage. I have many friends who did not attend Rutgers but who agree that a change in name would not only be a historical snafu, but could be the biggest business and marketing mistake of our era (as one friend put it, almost as stupid as Coke changing its formula then coming back to Classic Coke).

Keep the faith. Maybe 2/3 of state's elected aren't as foolish as we think.

From an "out of stater":

Those of us who live west of the Mississippi know the power and prestige of the Rutgers name. I just returned from manning a recruiting table at the College Night Expo for Bell County Texas. Young academic prospects would come by the table for information. More than one mentioned they heard it was a good place to get a great education. One young man with an SAT score of over 1300 came by because his mother told him to be sure to stop at Rutgers because it is a real good school.
A few years ago, I attended an event at the University of Texas. As I drove into the parking lot with my Rutgers decal on my car, one student attendant said to me "You went there - Wow!".
Changing the name will wipe out over 200 years of academic recognition.
Can you run a recall election?
Even though I am not voting in NJ, I sent the gov (Lowercase g intended) my protesting email.


Mike Fasano:

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