Hamm Has 2 more visits set

Hamm has completed one visit to Colorado and has now scheduled two more visits. SOR discusses his timetable for making a decision and the possibility of both him and Brandon Smith going to the same program.

Marquis Hamm has been among the best players in the state of New Jersey in 2007. As a senior from his LB position, he caused 2 fumbles, had a fumble recovery for a TD, 5 sacks, 50 tackles in 8 regular season games. As a WR/TE, he had 37 catches for 605 yards and 6 TDs.. Oddly, he could be the second best player on his own team. Even so, he has the ability to be a better player on the collegian level.

He has completed visits to Colorado and Temple, where he just returned from this weekend.

As for his visit to Temple, he stated that "it went fine. My host was Mike Campbell. Anything is right there...the places to eat and hang out". Hamm likes the coaches of who he states "I'm cool with the coaches and they like me a lot". The fact that they have a young team who is very tight knit appeals to him.

On December 7th, Hamm will be visiting the campus of Rutgers University. The decision to visit the Scarlet Knights was made on Friday but it is a place where he has been looking forward to visiting. As he states, "I have been to Rutgers a lot of times but I would like to see what they have to offer". Hamm will be visiting Rutgers with his teammate Brandon Smith. Although he does not know how possible it would be for both of them to attend the same school but he stated that "it would be a great experience to play with him both in high school and college." Colorado and Rutgers are the only schools that both players have as a finalist.

Hamm has another visit scheduled for Syracuse in January. As for the Orangemen, he has visited the school once unofficially but did not have a chance to see much of the school. He stated that "the coaching staff is really, really interested in me. They call me every week".

Another possible visit is Cincinnati. However, he has not spoken to his recruiting coach in two weeks. So he does not know where he stands with the school.

All of his suitors will need to wait until he completes all of his visits before he makes a decision. This decision will be based on how well he fits into the program and school. Distance, promised playing time or position will not be a factor.

SOR will be there to report his final decision. Stay tuned.

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