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Picture two Hoover Dams with seats facing one another with a big patch of grass in between, and you pretty much have a rough idea of what Virginia Tech's Lane Stadium looks like. The acoustics are diabolical, with even more decibels cranking now that they've tacked on a recent end zone addition.
Rutgers faces another daunting task in Virginia Tech - Courier News

BLACKSBURG, Va. - Tight end L.J. Smith looked around, leaned in, and whispered, "No one knew Mike was good until he left this place." From being the most sacked quarterback in the Big East to the one with the lowest completion percentage, Mike McMahon still managed to be drafted by the NFL's Detroit Lions after his senior year at Rutgers. In an era when school affiliation is sometimes enough for Heisman consideration, McMahon went to the NFL despite his. - College Sports

ANALYSIS RUTGERS OFFENSE VS. VIRGINIA TECH DEFENSE: Arguably the worst offense in the nation will try to match up against the best defense. Put them in the pressure cooker of Lane Stadium for 60 minutes and Rutgers is looking at a recipe for disaster.
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It is hard to believe, but after the 6-0 and third-ranked Virginia Tech Hokies take on the 1-5 Rutgers Scarlet Knights this weekend in Blacksburg, the regular season will be more than half completed. For the VT faithful, it has been a spectacular, and in many respects unexpected, ride. For the Rutgers fans, both of you, there hasn't been a whole lot to cheer about on Saturdays. Look at the bright side though – James Gandolfini of "The Sopranos" makes sure the weekend isn't a total wash. Rutgers 2002 Preview

Rutgers-Virginia Tech matchup

Rutgers-Virginia Tech scouting report - Courier News

RUTGERS (1-5, 0-2) at VIRGINIA TECH (6-0, 1-0)



At Media Day Coach Gary Waters spent about five or ten minutes discussing the present Strength and Conditioning Coach, Shawn Windle. Shawn who previously was at the University of Connnecticut is in his first year On The Banks. Coach Waters told those present that at Kent his entire team could press 300 pounds. When he came to Rutgers, only one player could do that. Prior to the the summer only Sean Axani could press 300 pounds. Now five other players have joined the 300 pound club including one of the freshmen.

It's time to meet Cocah Windle:
Rutgers Men's Basketball - Strength and Conditioning


Fan Feedback

A few people like the name change idea:

I've written you before on a couple of occasions over the last few years
regarding renaming RU to UNJ. One of the two ingredients that will finally
allow RU sports to have a chance. The other being easy majors (gen studies,
hotel mgmt, etc.)
I graduated from RU (Livingston College '88) and I'm 100% for a name change
and have been for about 20 years. I can understand why people are upset. I
never thought I would ever see the day come in my lifetime.

Will the "colleges" within the university stay the same i.e. Rutgers
College, Douglass, Livingston, Cook? If so then Rutgers College will still
exist. I live in NC and have no idea of the details of the change.

Also the folks complaining about a devalued diploma have to lighten up. It's
talent, contacts, money and luck that matter. Not some name on a piece of

Most don't:

I graduated from Rutgers College of Engineering in 1990, and am very proud of the history and tradition we have in dear old RU. When I first heard of the proposal, I was outraged that a group so alienated from my state university without a personal stake in its history and reputation can come along and propose we tear down and eliminate so much of what we hold dear to our hearts. I do not think these individuals fully understand what they are proposing. I believe they have ulterior motives driven by their individual careers, and do not give a rat's behind what the hundreds of thousands or millions of alumni, friends, and supporters of EACH of these schools feel about their narrowly focused "vision." Those who show no genuine respect and understanding of our schools have NO business pulling them apart and putting them back together like tinker toys.

Let Mr. McGreevey focus on the hundreds of other REAL problems facing New Jersey and its residents. I will not include a laundry list of these problems because everyone has there own priorities regarding what New Jersey should fix first. However, state budgets are extremely tight everyone throughout the country, which I have witnessed firsthand living in Virginia and next to Maryland. With such a lack of funds, extremely high property taxes, less assistance from the federal government, skyrocketing health insurance, oppressive auto insurance, etc., etc., how can Mr. McGreevey propose with any responsibility undertaking the biggest waste of tax payer money in the history of New Jersey with blatant disregard for the history, reputation, students, and alumni of our beloved institutions? We need to speak loudly to Mr. McGreevey and his political cronies, and we need to speak NOW! If we are silent, he will butcher our schools and universities

Mr. McGreevey can squash Rutgers and banish its name forever, but he is going to have to squash me first.

See you at the next football or basketball game, Mr. McGreevey. Oh, what's that? I didn't think so. You don't have the guts to set your foot on any Rutgers campus since you have tried to shove your trashy plan down our throats. The boos would drive you right into the 'Ol Raritan, which probably isn't such a bad thing because this might be your first real encounter with a piece of our history and tradition.

Mike Fasano:

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