Days of Rage - Part III

More days of rage:

As an alumnus with 2 degrees from Rutgers University, I join my
fellow alumni at their outrage at the callous, disrespectful, and
indifferent attitude our "esteemed" governor has shown to RUTGERS-THE STATE
UNIVERSITY. I am proud of my academic success and recognition from a
institution that is regarded in many circles as Ivy League. I have occasion
to travel throughout the United States and almost always make a favorable
impression upon my colleagues when I mention that I have degrees from
Rutgers University; and I work with many of the leading academic, research,
and clinical physicians in the nation.
However, there are some additional points we should consider
regarding "McGreevey's Folly". We are talking about 3 institutions-Rutgers,
UMDNJ, and NJIT (formerly NCE established in 1881). Rutgers has been in
existence for over 200 years and presently has over 50,000 students (not to
mention the hundreds of thousands of alumni/alumnae who still live and vote
in NJ). UMDNJ has been in existence for about 50 years with an enrollment of
5-7,000. NJIT has been in existence for 121 years, mostly as the Newark
College of Engineering. I may be off on the exact figures but the point is
that, with all due respect to NJIT and UMDNJ which are fine institutions in
their own right, Rutgers has a far richer history, national acclaim, and
greater enrollment and alumni. To change the name of these 3 institutions to
something without any history and recognition is absurd. Certainly,
maintaining the names of NJIT and UMDNJ recognizes their own stature but it
seems logical to fold them under the Rutgers umbrella rather than the
nebulous "University of New Jersey" (whatever that is).
It should also be noted that the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
(RWJMS), located on the Rutgers campus in Piscataway, started its life as
the Rutgers University School of Medicine. Correctly, the medical school
shared in the respect afforded to all the colleges which are part of Rutgers
University. This was the case when I was a student at Rutgers in the '70s.
It was some time after this that the Johnson & Johnson family infused large
sums of money into the school and bought the right to have their name
attached to the medical school (and look at what the J&J money has done for
the Jets, but that's a story left for another discussion). Within the
medical community, the name of Rutgers is still better known than that of
RWJMS. Furthermore, I am familiar with several of the medical students at
RWJMS. While I can't say they speak for the majority of students, the ones I
know hope that a name change to Rutgers occurs for the reasons I mentioned
Lastly, McGreevey's Folly will confuse things further, both within
the state and nationally. We already have a College of New Jersey. Imagine
the confusion that will occur with a University of New Jersey. Is it new
Coke or old Coke; forget about it, I'll take Pepsi (translation, go to
another University).
Let us hope that the madness will dissipate and cooler heads will
prevail. I have already contacted my state representatives about this
stupidity and urge all students and alumni to due the same. I further
implore the citizenry of New Jersey to do the same. Our state constantly and
unjustifiably is the butt of jokes and McGreevey will only add to this

This fan was equally upset:


Saying I am livid over the proposed name change of my beloved Rutgers is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

As someone who grew up south of Boston and now lives in the Bay Area, I can tell you that the name Rutgers evokes a quality education. When I applied to RU in 1983 and eventually got in, people in Boston were very impressed with the accomplishment. Many still believe it is an Ivy League school. The Rutgers name also helped when I graduated and when I eventually went to Graduate School in Boston. Here in Northern California, the name Rutgers also means something.

I have already called the governors office and told them that I will NEVER EVER give another dime to my alma mater if they change the name, not one dime, that changing the name has to be the most asinine idea to ever come down the pike.

I urge all of you no matter where you live to write, call, email, anything and tell the Governor that you will not support this change. Tell them you will exercise your ire with your checkbook, and that you too will not give a dime. Tell him also that you will support financially any opponent to this idea, regardless of Party affiliation. I have emailed most of the alums/friends I have and have implored them to convey the same message to the political hack now occupying the Governor's office.

I also called the office of the President @ RU today to voice my ire. I spoke to a woman who says she and anyone she talks to is just as dumbfounded by what is going on.

I have seen the zeal of many Rutgers fans on the message boards we frequent; I know that we will never allow this to happen. PLEASE DO NOT LET IT.

More fans copied me on their letters to McGreevey:

Dear Gov. McGreevey:

The recent proposal that you publicized the other day to combine Rutgers University, UMDNJ, and NJIT is commendable to further higher education in New Jersey; however, the proposed name to The University of New Jersey – North, Central, and South is not acceptable. I am a proud graduate of Rutgers University, Cook College (1992) and have tremendous pride in the degree earned and the experiences and memories collected while attending Rutgers University. I am also proud of the fact that I followed my brother (RC 1988) to the Banks of the Raritan and my little sister is currently a junior at Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of Art. We are solid contributors and supporters of Rutgers University.

As I mentioned above, the effort to combine the three institutions seems to be a solid proposal to further education and research. Though, I implore you, like many other graduates of Rutgers University, not to change the name of Rutgers but perhaps incorporate UMDNJ and NJIT under the Rutgers University umbrella including the name. I have traveled extensively across the United States and at almost at every location people in other parts of the country not only recognize the higher academic standards at Rutgers, but also knows that Rutgers is located in New Jersey. If your proposed name change is implemented, I assure you that I will never vote for you or any other politician, Democrat or Republican, which approves this proposed name change.

The State University of New Jersey is and should always be named Rutgers University. Our University is named after a Revolutionary Hero and has been known for close to 200 hundred years as Rutgers. This history and recognition cannot be erased. We do not want to emulate the University of California. We have and want to maintain our own identity in higher education, research and athletics that includes our name….. Rutgers University.


This fan had some words for the governor also:

Established in 1766 and named Rutgers in 1825, my University has built
equity in the name Rutgers for almost 200 years. While it would be foolish
to discount the challenges of Higher Education in New Jersey faces, the
identity and reputation

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