D.C. Jefferson drops LSU, heading to Rutgers

The top QB in the state of Florida, DC Jefferson, has de-committed from the #1 team in the country, the LSU Tigers, and has re-affirmed his pledge to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. In a year when the QB position is a major position of need, Rutgers has locked down a major commitment.

D.C. Jefferson, who had committed to Rutgers this summer, switched his pledge in favor of LSU after visiting Baton Rouge this fall. However, as time evolved, he realized that his initial choice was the right one. "Rutgers is the place for me. They talked to me like a man. They always were honest. I believe they will do their best to develop me not only as a man, but also as a player. I know that Coach Schiano cares about my success and I will do my best to help Rutgers win a Championship".

D.C. states that he had recent in-home visits with both the LSU coaches and the Rutgers coaches about two weeks ago. "I had an in home visit with Coach Lane from LSU. I also had an in home with Coach McNulty on the same day. I discussed it with my family, and we decided Rutgers is the best place for me".

An article that seemed to contradict this viewpoint and portrayed DC heading to LSU was placed on another media network yesterday. He states that this article was from an old interview and he has not conducted any interviews recently. "I have not spoken with any one from the media in a few weeks. Those must have been old quotes. But when I read that story this morning, the first thing I did was call Coach Schiano. My family and I were upset by that story. I told him I was embarrassed by it. He told me he was very happy to hear it from me. He said he read the article. That they are running a team up here, and he was prepared to move forward. But he also said that he was happy that I thought so highly of him and the organization to call him. He was happy to have me on board. I trust Coach Schiano and he is a Coach I want to play for. I am prepared to lay it on the line for the man. If he asks me to run one mile, I'll go run two".

DC Jefferson will make his official visit to Rutgers this weekend.

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