DC Jefferson talks about his visit to Rutgers

Rutgers commitment D.C. Jefferson took his official visit this weekend to Piscataway. Check in on some of his opinions of his trip and the direction of the program.

SOR: What was the highlight of the trip for you?
D.C.: Meeting the current players on this team and getting a feel for the team. I really wanted to get to know my future teammates and they embraced me. They are all really cool people. It felt like family. Very comfortable and natural.

SOR: What are your expectations and goals once you get to Rutgers.
D.C.: To take it one day at a time. I am real excited to be going to college. To earn a college degree is an honor. From a football standpoint, I want to help this program grow.

SOR: Where is this program now and where is headed?
D.C.: I think the program has some great people in it. And the program is only going to continue to grow. We just need to continue to get great players on campus.

SOR: What were your thoughts of NYC?
D.C.: It was very big. It is an exciting place. We went to the ESPN zone and that was a lot of fun. They had a baseball machine where you pitched the ball and it calculated how fast you throw. I hit 87 MPH, and that was without warming up. Some people were joking around that maybe I should go out for baseball.

SOR: This is your 2nd time to Rutgers. How do you feel after this visit?
D.C.: I just feel very comfortable. I felt at home. Not up tight at all. It feels good. I know Rutgers is the right place for me.

SOR: Any post-season all-star games?
D.C.: I am playing in the Offense-Defense All Star Game on January 6th. That will be played down in South Florida.

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