Wallace discusses his visit to Rutgers.

3-Star TE Ryan Wallace talks about his first visit to the northeast and the campus of Rutgers university. Now that Wallace is down to four schools, a decision could be any day. Take a look at how his visit to Rutgers might have impacted his decision.

3-Star TE Ryan Wallace made a first time visit to the northeast with a trip to the Rutgers campus. The visit to New Jersey marks Wallace's third official visit of his maximum of five. Wallace stated "it went well...I went up there blind. It was my first time up in that part of the country. It was pretty impressive. I thought it would be a whole lot different than Kentucky. I felt that I fit in pretty well".

Wallace was hosted by Rutgers starting OLB Kevin Malast. The two got along well enough for Wallace to state "He (Malast) is a great guy. We got along real well. We hung out with his roommates and we got a long well".

During the visit, Wallace received some exposure to the Rutgers academic program as he met the dean of Rutgers College along with the academic support team. As for the Rutgers academic support, he felt it was one of the most impressive portions of the visit. The academic support team explained how they assist the athletes by helping them to create a weekly schedule and meet with an advisor once a week to ensure they are on target.

Another impressive part of the visit was the trip to the ESPNZone. As Wallace states, "it was the first time me and my dad went to NYC. It was pretty impressive".

In addition to the academic support and his trip to NYC, Wallace really likes how he fits into the Rutgers offense. As he states, "I fit into their offense pretty well. They have a great tradition of tight ends with LJ Smith and Clark Harris. With Ray Rice, they have a great RB, one of the best in the country. When the defense loads up the box, it opens up the passing game and the defense forgets about the tight end with two 1,000 yard receivers."

Next up for Wallace is a visit to Louisville on January 11th. Although Louisville is his in-state school, he states that "an in-state school will be an attraction to anyone. But I need to make the decision on what is best for me. It could not be just because it is close to home but a good fit for me."

Regarding a decision, Wallace is not sure. As he states, "I am not sure when I will make a decision...I'm down to four schools now (Colorado, Rutgers, Wake Forest, Louisville). It (a decision) might be after the Louisville visit or in the next couple of weeks. It will be a tough decision. I have four great schools and they are pretty even".

Stay tuned as SOR track Wallace and all of the prospects in the state of Rutgers.

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