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Ruby Milligan said she had a good time in Pittsburgh but Dante must have had a great time because he gave Ben Howland a phone call and told him that he was coming.  The combo forward from Trinity Pawling High School, New York, is a wiry 6'8" and had been recruited early in the process by Rutgers and Virginia among others. He selected Howland over Craig Esherick. 


The Panthers plan to use Dante as more of a swing than a pure forward. According to an informed source Pitt plans to use the final available scholarship for a point guard. The source did, however, indicate that there is a possibility that one of the previous student-athletes that gave Howland a verbal commit may be a borderline academic case and may not be able to attain full academic standing for next year.


University of Miami and Boston College are hoping to get official visits from 6'7" forward Boubacar Coly.  Coly a combination forward is spending the year at Laurinburg Preparatory School, North Carolina.  This is his second year in this country.  Meanwhile, Seton Hall, Illinois and Villanova are waiting to hear what Charlie Villaneueva is going to do. The NYC transplant that is spending his second year at Blair Academy in New Jersey took a visit to Indiana with his running mate Luol Deng.  Deng who was alleged to be a Duke lean may end up as part of a package deal with Charlie at Indiana. 


This would be a major signing for Mike Davis and the Hoosiers.  Each of these guys is a top 10 recruiting and maybe even higher. In my estimation Charlie, if he goes to college, would be a one and done like a Tim Thomas. Deng on the other hand may stick around for three or four year.


Speaking of Seton Hall, Mike Pilgrim who visited for Madness spent the past weekend with Pete Gillen for a day down in Charlottesville.  The boys on Emmitt Street know how to show recruits a good time.  The following day Mike traveled up to Cincy to visit with Bobby Huggins who now only screams in ten minute intervals.  Let's hope Bobby takes care of himself and learns that there is life away from the court too.


WVU lost out to Kent State for Warrenville, Ohio, swing Demetrius Johnson and to South Carolina for Tre Kelly.  Kelly a point guard out of D.C. was also recruited by Kent State.  Seems as if Kent is playing with the big boys not only on the court but also on the recruiting front.


Sources up in Connecticut say that former Cuse center Mark Konecny may be the center for attention for Jim Calhoun.  Seems as if there have been some feelers to see if Calhoun would be willing to take Mark into his program.  The Huskys are in need of height and right now want to sign two insiders with one scholarship being earmarked for an All American from Louisiana. Josh Boone a present possible Rutgers recruit is in the mix for the other scholarship.  The other school involved with Boone is Kansas.  Calhoun and his staff are also dealing with two or three transplanted foreign players that are presently in this country.


Finally, Syracuse star recruit Billy Edelin is possibly in more hot water.  He may receive a 3-7 game suspension for playing in a non-NCAA sanctioned recreational league during the last school year.  The gray area is that Edelin was suspended from Syracuse last year for a non-sports problem.  There is now an on going investigation at Syracuse with the possibility of self imposed penalties to avoid an NCAA probe.  This is by no means any where near the impact of the violation last year.


Finally, for all you tennis fans, in the where is he now category, do you remember Yanick Noah?  Well, he's living in New York and his son is 6'10" and playing basketball at Brooklyn Poly Prep. Yes, the same school that had a football coach named Dino Mangeiro.


  Dino the former Rutgers and NFL star took his act to college this year. Getting back to hoops, the young man's name is Joel King and he is a work in progress.  He is pretty good on the boards according to the individual that told me about him.  Joel needs to gain weight and spend time in the weight room to gain strength.  He like his father is really quick especially for an almost seven footer and will get some looks just because of his speed and agility.






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October 15, 2002

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