Theo Riddick taking His Time

Immaculata junior running back Theo Ridick is expected to be the No. 1 running back prospect in New Jersey next year and had a solid 2007 campaign tallying 23 touchdowns and earned first team All-State and second team All-Conference. Come see what he has to say about some of the schools that he's interested in.

While junior running back Theo Riddick doesn't have a defined list of favorite schools as of right now, he did say there is "a list" of schools that he likes. Rutgers, Boston College and Virginia who he has written offers from are on that list along with Virginia Tech and Connecticut.

"Rutgers is close to home and they have a great coach," Riddick said. "Boston College has strong academics and their football program is skyrocketing even though they slipped at the end. Virginia has a whole lot of potential and they're getting better every year. Virginia Tech is a powerhouse. I always liked them and their team draws my eye immediately. Connecticut came out of nowhere this year, they are just like Rutgers."

Rutgers, Boston College and Virginia are the only schools that offered the Immaculata High School star running back a scholarship so far. He has said before that Miami was a school that he liked watching when he was younger, but hasn't received an offer from them yet.

"They have sent me questionnaires and updates on how the team has done," Riddick said. "They haven't sent an offer yet. I did send them game film. They are just a childhood favorite right now."

It's not certain when the Immaculata running back will make his visits, one of the things he talked about when discussing visits was that he would talk it over with his parents before he started.

"I talked to my mom last night and she didn't really want to talk about it," he said. "She wants me to take it slow since I'm in basketball season right now."

He said it was possible that he wouldn't make any visits until his basketball season ended. He did leave a possibly that he might make a visit during the season, but isn't sure.

The 5-foot-10 185 pound four star rated back with 4.4 speed was asked what made him a special runner and he humbly discussed some of his intangibles. "You could say my vision," he said. "My instincts on when to make a cut and my acceleration."

Immaculata lost to Holy Spirit in the state championship game played at Rutgers 26-14. He managed 60 yards on 13 carries with a touchdown and 13 tackles on defense. For the season, he had a stellar season 172 carries for 1352 yards and 23 touchdowns. He also had five picks on defense.

Due to his lights out season, he received first-team All-Conference and second-team All-State honors at running back.

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