Nunez has a few early favorites

Hoboken HS DE Bernardo Nunez talks about what will factor into his final decision along with some of his favorite schools. He also discusses his high school season. Come see what he has to say on each topic.

6-foot-2 220 pound defensive end out of Hoboken High School in New Jersey, Bernardo Nunez said that where the school is located and the coaches style will be factors in where he goes to play.

"Location as in where the campus is located," Nunez said. "Coaching style, he has to have a lot of discipline. One that runs the 4-3 a lot and is strong about the defensive line."

In regards to playing time, Nunez wasn't sure if it would be a main factor, but would like to play as soon as possible. "I don't know if I'll be red shirted or a true freshman," he said. "If it comes, I want to play a lot early so I can show the coaches that I can play at the college level."

Nunez favorite schools as of right now are Florida, Boston College, Virginia and Syracuse.

"It's a nice area down there in Florida," he said. "I like the school a lot and they have a lot of good defensive players that I would like to be able to learn from. Virginia isn't that far from here; Boston College had a good season this year, kind of fell at the end of the year, but are only going to get better. I could be just as good there."

While he doesn't consider Rutgers a favorite as of yet, there are a few things he thinks are good about the school.

"It's a very nice school," he said. "Haven't really seen it, just heard a lot about it. They weren't as effective as last year, but they did make it to the International Bowl."

On his high school season, things didn't go the way he wanted team wise, but he said next year will be a different story. "This year was a little bumpy," he said. "Not that smooth, we had a lot of young players and transfers. I had fun playing with them, I just felt like my junior year could have been way better. Senior year we will be more explosive and we should make the state championship."

He also said his season wasn't what he expected it to be. "Junior year I could have done better," he said. "I wasn't that trustworthy in my teammates and that shouldn't be a factor. I tried to do everything and I realized towards the end of the season that if everyone does their job we will win."

On what he offers to prospective coaches he said, "I'm a quick learner. I can work, I'll do whatever coach wants."

He currently has an offer from the Scarlet Knights. When asked what other offers he had, he said he didn't know. He said he has no visits set up as of now, but that he still has to talk to his coach. According to the 2009 High School Football Rankings, he's a one star defensive end prospect.

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