Carson talks about factors for a decision

LB Glenn Carson received multiple postseason honors for his play at South Regional High School [NJ] during his junior season. Carson took the time to discuss his season, his view of Rutgers and what he's looking for in a college. Come in and find out what he had to say.

Want to know what it would take for a school to get junior linebacker Glenn Carson from Manahawken, N.J. to commit? The school's coaching staff and players will play a big factor.

"The biggest thing is feeling comfortable with the coaching staff and athletes on the team," Carson said. "It's important to see your teammates eye-to-eye and be able to have a feel for them. You have to deal with them day in and day out and if you don't get along with them it doesn't matter what the athletic facilities or campus life is like."

How important Carson is to the school and academics are also crucial. "I want to see how dedicated a school is to me," the 6-foot-3 220 pound linebacker said. "I want to see how bad they want me and how they recruit me. Academics are also very important. I want to be able to play on Sundays someday, but even if I do, I would need something to do after I'm done playing. I need a school that has good academics that can prepare me for the rest of my life."

Staying at home could go either way for the South Regional High School linebacker, but it won't affect his decision. "There are pros and cons for that," Carson said. "There are a lot of good things if I stay home in New Jersey because my family would be able to watch me play. I always pictured myself going out of state, I would enjoy it. It doesn't matter though, it's not a big swaying point."

As of right now, Carson holds offers from Rutgers, Maryland, North Carolina State, Boston College and a verbal offer from Syracuse. He said he doesn't have a list of top schools, but Rutgers has treated him well.

"I wouldn't say I have a favorite," Carson said. "There's no college above the others, I'm just playing the field. Rutgers gave me my first offer and they have been the truest to me so far. BC is also up there but there is no one team I favor right now."

Being a Jersey native, he's followed the Knights throughout their current rise and said they're playing well despite what others have said.

"I've definitely followed them," he said. "Over the past several years they have popped up and got everyone excited. We finally have a college team in the area. I too was excited that I got to watch them play.

"I felt like coming in they had high expectations and people have said that they didn't do well this year," he said. "I felt like they played tough and had some big wins. Some people are disappointed, but they played well and made it to a bowl game. The team should be proud and the program is still on the rise."

Carson isn't sure when he will go on visits to school because he's in the middle of his wrestling season. "I would like to and a couple of schools want me to," he said. "But right now it's wrestling season and it depends on my schedule. I'm not sure when I'll go. I might just wait until the spring."

The South Regional football team had one of their best seasons ever this year and the junior linebacker said things will be better next season. "We played very well this season," he said. " We were very young and inexperienced last year and went 3-7 and we were able to turns things around and go 8-3 this year. We were the first team to make the second round of the playoffs in the school's 50 year history. I'm proud of the school's turnaround, it's a lot like Rutgers. We are progressing every year and hope to pick up where we left off next season."

Personally, Carson also excelled on the field during his team's historic season picking up a few postseason honors. "Defensively, I did a good job as a junior," he said. "I felt like I improved, I am more disciplined, and feel like I'm where I'm suppose to be. I made Second Team All-State Group Four, All-County and All-Shore Conference teams. I still feel like there's more to achieve. I feel like it's scary how much I can improve. The athleticism is there, with the right coaching, I can be great."

He carries a core GPA of 3.45. He's been given a one-star ranking according to the 2009 High School Football Rankings.

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