A Look at Last Practice in Jersey before Trip

Monday marked the last practice for the Scarlet Knights in New Jersey. Rutgers Head Coach Schiano and his team will make their way up to Toronto on New Year's Day for the International Bowl.

RU players have arranged their own transportation and most of the players will be taking buses up to Canada. By NCAA rules, players are reimbursed a certain amount of money depending on the length of the trip and Schiano decided to allow his players the ability to arrange their own travel and pocket the extra money. "A lot of places we have done that," Schiano said. "You can reimburse them for their travel by NCAA rules and it gives them the chance to put a few dollars in their pocket. They are mature enough and I think it is a good learning experience to get your own way up there"

Schiano believes his players are looking forward to getting up to Toronto and playing their season finale. The team has been practicing on and off for over a month. "I think they are excited to end this mini training camp we have had too," Schiano said. "They are excited to get up there, it has been a long time since we have played a football game."

The extra practice time has been a huge asset for the team. The Scarlet Knights have gotten an extra week worth of practice as compared to past years. Players like quarterback Mike Teel have said in past weeks that they felt going to a bowl game the past two years have helped them develop and become a better players.

However, because the bowl game is on Jan. 5, the Scarlet Knights will only have two weeks off following the conclusion the season. "We don't come back till the day after Martin Luther King day," Teel said. "We will start up after we get back from that. We will have a solid two weeks off. We have been going for so long and last year we were done the 27th, so we got a solid two and a half to three weeks off."

Running Concern

The talk all week out at Rutgers camp has been about the effectiveness of Ball State quarterback Nate Davis, who has thrown 27 touchdowns and only six interceptions this season.

Part of what kept the Cardinals from being a complete offense this season was the injury to their running back MiQuale Lewis. He had to receive season ending knee surgery to repair a torn ACL from a Sept. 22 loss to Nebraska. "If they hadn't lost the running back, they would be a top-10 offense in the country," Schiano said. "They lost their running back in the Nebraska game. They actually lost two running back early in the season and they held their running game back a little bit."

Britt's Status

The major injury concern for the Scarlet Knights is the status of wide receiver Kenny Britt. He had his knee scoped following the end of the regular season.

Britt's status for the International Bowl remains probable as he continues to do more during every practice. There is an effort though to not allow him to get too ahead of himself and hurt his knee again prior to Saturday. "They are probably going to hold me back for a little bit," Britt said. "Try to take care of the concerns and making sure I feel alright."

Britt did describe himself as at 98 percent and has stated multiple times that he believes he will be fully ready to return for the International Bowl.

Jackman and Lewis Not Traveling

Schiano clarified that both cornerback Leslie Jackman and defensive end Chenry Lewis will not travel with the team to Toronto. It was announced last week that both players were going to transfer at the end of the season.

Despite Jackman and Lewis leaving on good terms, neither is will finish out the season with the team. "There are no hard feelings," Schiano said. "It is just a conscious decision that they have made and I understand it. They are going to go have a career somewhere else and there going to jeopardize their health, I'm ok with it."

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