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Shagari Alleyne, the 7-2, 255 pound center out of Rice HS in NYC has called a press conference for Monday at 6:30 P.M. at his high school in NYC. There has been speculation all week that Alleyne, who has offers from over 30 schools (including some of the top programs in the nation), will verbal to Rutgers. As of right now all we can say is that there is a good chance that will happen but it is not a done deal as of yet.

Alleyne likes Gary Waters and the staff and some people close to him are pushing to keep the big man local. However, some in Shagari's camp are pushing the legacy of more established programs.

Alleyne's coach calls him one of the best players ever to come out of legendary Rice HS. At 7-2 Shagari runs the court very well for his size and would fit in well with Gary Water's system.

In a conversation that he had with us last September, Alleyne talked about his performance last year:

"I had about 13 to14 ppg during the regular season, and about 20 to 25 points per game during the playoffs. As to rebounds I had about 10 rpg in regular season and about 13 to 15 rpg during the playoffs."

Asked about the factors that he would take into consideration in deciding on a school he noted:

"I am looking for a school  that has a good community that will support you when you do well and will support you when you do poorly. I want to go to a school that knows how to win and to have a coach who knows how to coach big men. A coach who can get to the tournament. I am looking for a coach who can tell it like it is and also support me when I should be supported."

Kentucky appears to be Rutgers main opponent but St. John's, UConn and others have also been mentioned.

Alleyne is a consensus top 30 player in the country.

Stay tuned.


Football - Syracuse picks Rutgers

The network Syracuse site has picked Rutgers to defeat the Orangemen in this Saturday's matchup in the Carrier Dome.

Pick: Rutgers 14, Syracuse 10 -- This Week's Picks


Knights in the Pros

Quarterback Ray Lucas is still bummed out by his performance in Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills, and despite the fact his body is aching he would love nothing than to have a game this Sunday so he could start getting some redemption.

"This is horrible," Lucas said Wednesday. "The bye week couldn't come for me at a worse time. That is the way it goes."

All indications are that Ray Lucas' psyche is fine despite his nightmare performance in Sunday's loss to Buffalo. But it's his body that is really feeling the effects of that game.

Lucas didn't practice on Tuesday because he's so sore, and Coach Dave Wannstedt went as far as to say that Lucas probably wouldn't be able to play if the Dolphins had a game this weekend.
Yahoo! Sports: NCAA Football - BEAT-UP LUCAS


Fan Feedback

Mike, (the Star Ledger web page) has a photo gallery. I hate
that paper. So much for a home town paper. Most of the pictures are of
the other team scoring etc. I guess I am biased but they could at least
try to make it look like they root for RU, it seems that most of the
pictures are put up by the opposing teams. You go anywhere else in the
country with a college team and you'll see clear bias toward the home team.
It's too bad The Star Ledger doesn't feel the same way. Ok we are 1-6 and
it is easier to show the bad plays, games, etc. I just want to see more
positve articles and pictures. Newspapers have so much influence on
peoples perception of things. Some positive spin can only help, but I
suppose they are happy kicking the team when they are down. What keeps me
going is that I know RU is on the upswing and when things do get better
everybody will be jumping on the bandwagon.

Mike Fasano:


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