Eric Foster Prepares for the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is only months away. Numerous seniors, Eric Foster included, and additional early entrants have begun preparation for the NFL combine. After the Rutgers International Bowl win, Foster started his preparation with tryouts at Test Sports Club in Martinsville, New Jersey. SOR stopped by Test to take photos and interview Foster in one of his workout sessions.

The NFL Draft is only months away. Numerous seniors and early entrants have started prepping for the NFL combine. Eric Foster, the former Scarlet Knight standout has also set his eyes on the future, eyeing an NFL career after an outstanding collegiate one. After the Rutgers International Bowl win, Foster started his preparation with tryouts at Test Sports Club in Martinsville, New Jersey. SOR stopped by Test to take photos and interview Foster in one of his workout sessions.

Eric Foster concluded his Rutgers football career as one of the most decorated defensive players in school history. Some of his honors included two-time Rutgers captain, All-America selection by the Football Writers Association of America, First Team All-BIG EAST selection, and David Bender Trophy recipient for the top defensive lineman at Rutgers. In addition Foster was also named Defensive Tackle of the Year by the New Jersey Sports Writers.

During the season, it was mentioned that Foster might seek a rare sixth-year of eligibility. After taking sometime to think about the return to Rutgers, he decided not to pursue a sixth year. As Foster stated, ‘it was time to move on. I thought about it and decided it was the best thing for me and my family”.

With the decision not to pursue a sixth year behind him, Foster begun his preparation for the NFL draft. Towards this end, Foster began training at one of the premiere training programs and facilities in the country at Test Sports Club in Martinsville, New Jersey. His normal workout stretches for more than two hours and includes activities meant to enhance and improve his athletic talents, particularly his football skills. The workouts seem to be broken down to four sections: stretching/warm-up, speed drills, position improvement and one-on-ones. The workout sessions are conducted by former NFL players such as Eric Dorsey, Odessa Turner, Billy Ard and Keith Elias who provide skilled instruction from a practical perspective.



Working on his change of direction and quickness

Working on his agility in the bag drill

Foster goes one-on-one with in the pass rush

The abilities that made Foster a standout performer at Rutgers enable him to impress in each of the drills. Skip Fuller, Test’s Sports Performance Director and former West Virginia standout defensive linemen stated that “Eric is one of the smartest defensive linemen that I have seen in my life. He has moves on moves. He knows how to react to the offensive linemen’s (pass) sets and knows where he has to be on the field”.

One of the questions regarding Foster’s ability to succeed in the NFL is his size. At 6’1”-6’2” and 271 lbs, Foster is not a prototypical defensive lineman. However, this is not the negative which many might think it could be, including Fuller. “It does not matter because of his great leverage, strength and his great get-off”. Former NFL defensive linemen and Foster’s trainer Eric Dorsey stated “at 6’1” or 6’2”, his height is a little problem. But his quickness and power is a positive for a defensive end. If he goes inside, his height is fine. Eric has five great, not good, moves. He sticks to those moves. At the NFL level, you have very few chances to impress the coaches. Having a few great moves will be an asset. His pass rush is explosive enough to get past a lot of offensive linemen”.

According to Dorsey, Foster’s size will matter in certain defensive schemes. As Dorsey states, at his current size “Eric is most suited for a 4-3. His weight is good. His speed and jump off the ball is good. In a 3-4, he needs to add more weight.”

For Foster, his size is an asset.“I can change the game because I am a smart player with moves. My negatives of being undersized are overpowered by my positives”.

On his Rutgers Experience

Foster has a lot of fond memories of his Rutgers experience.“When I came to Rutgers, no one knew much about Rutgers or where Piscataway was. We believed in Coach Schiano and his staff. Now everything has changed. We (Rutgers) has established as New Jersey and New York’s team.”

On being the named first team All-American – Rutgers first

At the conclusion of the magical 2006 season, Foster was named first-team All-American by the Football Writers Association of America. This was the first time a Rutgers defensive player attained such a honor. Foster stated “it was great for the program. Coach (Cary) Godette has been and got me to the level where I am at now. I’m humbled…”

Life after football

Like many Rutgers football players, they fully recognize that there is a life after football. For Foster, he would like to give back to his community after his playing days are done. “I would like to start a program similar to PAL (Police Athletic League) in my neighborhood to give back to the kids in the area”.


Many people question Foster’s ability to succeed in the NFL due to his size. However, Foster feels that he has abilities that can be an advantage in the NFL. "I love playing inside (interior line). My get-off is great. My quickness and speed work to my advantage. On the outside, I have a plan to play against the offensive tackles and I am smart with my moves. Which ever team that selects me will see that I bring a lot to the table,” said Foster.

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