Transcript of the Chat with Tom Luicci

Star-Ledger Columnist Tom Luicci stopped by the SOR chat room & discussion of variety of RU topics ranging from the pro status of Mike Teel and Kenny Britt to Stadium expansion. Take a look at what he had to say.

McNulty & the Alabama OC position and other Rutgers Asstants for other jobs

<fire251> i thought bama job filled?
<TomLuicci> i checked to see today if anyone asked for permission to speak to any assistants
<TomLuicci> not yet, i was told
<fire251> i think flood and godette are key assts
<TomLuicci> i didn't see that. what was it?

Rumor about Tim Brown Transferring

<fire251> brown transfer to miami
<RUMan79> also, there was some banter about tim brown?!?!
<TomLuicci> i didn't see that. what was it?
<fire251> brown transfer to miami
<RUMan79> posted on miami site
<TomLuicci> so he can be the third receiver for a worse team?
<fire251> some say he has a kid down there
<TomLuicci> i will check into it tomorrow
<TomLuicci> yes, he does have a kid

Status & thoughts on Rutgers' LB corp

<RUDave> what about the LB's? Bynes, Abreu?
<TomLuicci> don't forget, there were a few good yoiung players who were recovering from surgery or about to have it
<TomLuicci> like manny abreu
<TomLuicci> he was one of several that greg told us needed surgery
<TomLuicci> there were seven of them
<TomLuicci> the key one, the big loss, is munoz
<TomLuicci> he won't be back until august
<TomLuicci> sounds like the rest will all be ready for spring practice
<RUMan79> wow - augst
<fire251> yeh 9 months with no weights either
<TomLuicci> that's why this could be a big spring for abreu
<TomLuicci> d'imperio had the screws taken out and is ready to go greg said
<TomLuicci> he had screws in his leg from last spring
<TomLuicci> antonio lwrey could make an impact too
<TomLuicci> lowrey
<RUMan79> deimperio back to 100%?
<TomLuicci> d'imperio had the screws taken out and is ready to go greg said
<TomLuicci> i saw courtney greene at the basketball game. he looks great

Possible Game with Notre Dame & the final opponent for 2008

<RUMan79> tom, any word on out of conference game possibilities and is ND looking to back out?
<TomLuicci> the ND stuff is still on hold
<TomLuicci> we should know the final opponent for next year within three days or so

Thoughts on the Rutgers OL

<fire251> Tom, who are the best looking young linemen (excluding Davis and Blaczyk)
<TomLuicci> caleb ruch has a chance to start next year fire
<TomLuicci> that's something i need to look into natale
<TomLuicci> to find out if he is even enrolled for the second semester
<PWayFred> Ruch: at guard?
<TomLuicci> yes, at guard
<TomLuicci> and we will see if forst can have an impact
<TomLuicci> he will have the benefit of spring practice
<fire251> anyone else? Lange.. Stapleton.. newell... ??? (I like Ruch as well)
<TomLuicci> Lange is getting better. Stapleton changed his body dramatically and looks good
<TomLuicci> really didn't see a lot of newell. but muldrow is a big guy

Thoughts on Kenny Britt as a future pro & Rutgers team depth

<natale> Tom, how good is Kenny Britt? First round pick?
<TomLuicci> it all depends if he keeps improving
<TomLuicci> if he does he can be scary good
<fire251> tom..opinion on overall footbal depth?
<TomLuicci> i think the depth is good. but experienmce is lacking, especially in the O-line
<TomLuicci> there's depth at a lot of positions now
<TomLuicci> linebacker is still a concern in my mind
<TomLuicci> those guys have to improve dramatically
<TomLuicci> and they have to replace renkart

Rutgers RB situation

<fire251> Have you seen martinek carry the ball? thoughts?
<TomLuicci> martinek has looked decent enough on the scout team
<TomLuicci> but i still think he is at least 5th on the depth chart
<TomLuicci> but he will get looks in the spring
<TomLuicci> young will still be out
<TomLuicci> i think the jury is still out on mason robinson

Big East Bowl Performance

<natale> Tom, with WVU beating Georgia and now Oklahoma, think Big East will get more respect?
<TomLuicci> WVa winning helped, but South Florida embarrassed the league -- again
<fire251> brooks that good? he looks good in uniform.

More on the Rutgers RB Situation

<TomLuicci> brooks looks good and is a big back
<TomLuicci> i think they have a nice change of pace with him
<TomLuicci> there's young, robinson and white wehn he gets here
<fire251> speed.. quickness?
<TomLuicci> but they won't need a 2000-yard rusher

Rutgers passing game & depth at CB

<tappan1> what about cb depth
<TomLuicci> i think they clearly need help at cb
<TomLuicci> just look at this recruiting class
<TomLuicci> they just need a running threat because the passing game should be good
<fire251> agreed
<TomLuicci> but there are some concerns at cb
<RUMan79> the passing game will be as good as the protection
<TomLuicci> yes, unless they are forced to go to shorter, quicker passes
<TomLuicci> until the line settles in
<fire251> i like flood..he'll prep a few
<TomLuicci> they have a center and a tackle to start
<TomLuicci> we'll find out about the depth
<TomLuicci> that's one of the things i want to see this spring
<mb5789> im suprised flood has not been contacted by other schools for other OL coaching jobs.
<TomLuicci> and Haslam has experience
<fire251> paul brown's initial draft pick for bengals - center - "it all starts with him"
<TomLuicci> i think flood gets pretty good money and seems to like the northeast
<fire251> wheww
<TomLuicci> i think his next move is to be a head coach, don't you?
<RUMan79> true about flood tom
<RUDave> I think Flood deserves his money... I spend very little time worrying about the OL

Thoughts on the Rutgers' Assistants

<RUMan79> does GS have any replacement for Rizzi?
<TomLuicci> we should know about a replacement next week
<fire251> I think flood is solid... important staff member
<mb5789> flood imo, is our best coach outside
<rubalt73> Tom, what do you think the impact of stadium expansion problems that has arisen on schiano looking possibly else
<TomLuicci> i have tried not to bug greg during recruiting. after feb. 6 i will bug him like crazy
<TomLuicci> he needs his space now
<TomLuicci> but we should know an assistant soon
<tappan1> do you think demo as dc
<TomLuicci> i'm curious to see if greg stays on as D coordinator
<TomLuicci> i think demo could be a d-coordinator
<TomLuicci> he has the fire and the passion
<TomLuicci> the kids love playing for him
<TomLuicci> and the secondary has been good under him
<TomLuicci> and the secondary has been good under him
<TomLuicci> I want to see a full year starting from joe lefeged

Rutgers WRs

<PWayFred> Tom: about the WRs - It seems that there are a ton of them. Are any candidates for position changes? are any willing?
<TomLuicci> well, i think they will stay at wideout for now
<TomLuicci> because there is a chance kenny britt will leave after this year
<TomLuicci> and tiquan only has a year left
<TomLuicci> so they will need depth

Impact of Possibly putting Coach Demo to DC

<RUDave> only issue I see about "Demo to DC": OC's and DC's generally aren't lead recruiters and I doubt that you'd want to take
Demo away from the recruiting front
<TomLuicci> that's true dave, but joe susan is solidly entrenched as the lead recruiter now
<TomLuicci> so i am not sure if that would have a major impact at rutgers
<TomLuicci> so i am not sure if that would have a major impact at rutgers
<TomLuicci> i heard a bunch of different teams tappan
<TomLuicci> not much that will excite anyone

Possible teams to fill out the 2008 schedule

<tappan1> what team do you think will fill out schedule
<TomLuicci> one i heard was eastern michigan but that may be dead now
<TomLuicci> the boston college thing didn't work out
<natale> Would not mind playing Northwestern like Graber did.
<fire251> how about central kids school
<TomLuicci> i think rutgers will play almost anyone at this point

Blair Bine's Broken Jaw

<PWayFred> before I forget: how's bines' jaw? What does his future look like in the 2 deep for this year?
<TomLuicci> not sure if bines will be ready for the spring
<TomLuicci> talk about tough luck
<TomLuicci> imagine breaking your jaw twice in a year. ouch

Boston College ???

<RUMan79> tom what was the story about Matt Ryan's son looking at RU and not BC?
<TomLuicci> Matt Ryan? BC's quarterback?
<RUMan79> yes
<RUDave> brother i think
<fire251> I think he meant matt ryans brother
<RUMan79> i believe there was a thread on this
<TomLuicci> ahh, ok
<TomLuicci> i don't think the bc situation will be a long term success
<TomLuicci> there are a lot of questions about jags as a head coach
<TomLuicci> there were a lot this year. that team should not have lost three games
<TomLuicci> and they mis-used matt ryan
<TomLuicci> so that may be a factor
<cubuffsdoug> how did they mis-use Ryan?
<TomLuicci> look at his INTs and how ineffective their passing game was at times
<TomLuicci> he was a guy who should have been able to call the shots
<fire251> maybe bc pries weis away from nd
<TomLuicci> their offensive coordinator, steve logan, is a guy i don't think is very good
<TomLuicci> or maybe an NFL team pries him away

Stadium Expansion

<tappan1> what happened at stadium meeting
<TomLuicci> the board of governer's meeting is tuesday
<TomLuicci> the stadium meeting was more explanatory -- though i did not go
<TomLuicci> i think they will find a way to get it done. greg seems very confident about it
<TomLuicci> we had the details in today's paper
<TomLuicci> so it was just a matter of them explaining it to students and those interested

Mike Teel & the QB situation

<PWayFred> with all of the talk of other schools' interest in mcnulty, are you concerned of Teel & the offense's development if they have
a 3rd OC in as many yrs?
<TomLuicci> i think teel could call his own plays if he wanted to
<TomLuicci> he's that knowledgeable about the offense
<TomLuicci> he's a sharp young man
<fire251> i believe it
<TomLuicci> so if there is a new OC, he would just not have to get in the way this year
<TomLuicci> next year would be his offense to develop
<tappan1> is natale the back up qb
<TomLuicci> natale has a lot to prove yet
<TomLuicci> and he will only get limited work in the spring
<fire251> still arm problems?
<TomLuicci> he has played so little and hasn't played in such a long time you can't call him the backup
<TomLuicci> he had the surgery. now he is recovering
<TomLuicci> but he will throw lightly this spring
<TomLuicci> i think there's a chance etienne passes jabu as the backup
<cubuffsdoug> If Lovelace is the backup, can the open up the play calling to make better use of his skills

More on the RB Situation

<natale> Tom, Syracue another bad year, does Robinson get canned?
<TomLuicci> yes, robinson will be gone if they go 4-8 again
<DaveSNJ> Don't know if this was asked, forgive me if it was, how has Jourdan Brooks progressed this season?
<TomLuicci> brooks is going to be fine. a lot of coaches are excited about his potential
<TomLuicci> he is a very impressive young man to talk to also
<TomLuicci> i'm not sure lovelace will be the backup. we'll see
<TomLuicci> etienne has similar skills and a better arm
<fire251> lovelace as a tailback?
<TomLuicci> he just doesn't have experience
<TomLuicci> no, lovelace will stay at QB
<DaveSNJ> How does Chris Paul Ettiene look.
<TomLuicci> you never know with QBs
<TomLuicci> they get hurt
<cubuffsdoug> does that mean lovelace might transfer?
<TomLuicci> etienne has great athleticism. but he hasn't played
<TomLuicci> he throws frozen ropes
<TomLuicci> big time arm
<fire251> i though lovelace was student second
<fire251> thus no transfer
<TomLuicci> i haven't heard anything about lovelace transferring but then he hasn't lost the backup job yet either
<TomLuicci> as i said, we'll have to see how it plays out
<TomLuicci> i just don't think he took that big step last year

Keith Taylor's Situation

<PWayFred> Keith Taylor: is he ever going to see the field?
<TomLuicci> taylor looks like he will finish out his career the way it has been
<TomLuicci> he practices and works hard but his injuries have held him back
<TomLuicci> and now they have recruited over him
<TomLuicci> sort of like marcus daniels

Situation with Tim Brown & Jeff Minemyer

<DaveSNJ> Apologize if this was brought up, any word on Tim Brown - any credibility to transfer rumors?
<TomLuicci> i will check tomorrow dave
<fire251> minemyer reported ill - is he better and ready to practice
<TomLuicci> we haven't gotten the full report yet on who will be ready for the spring. i'd say we'll know in another month., greg will fill us

Rutgers' Kicking Situation

<RUMan79> tom, are you confident we will have a better punting and FG game this season?
<TomLuicci> can't have a better FG game. but it will be solid
<TomLuicci> san san te has real potential
<TomLuicci> the punting can't be worse
<RUMan79> the judge was good for us
<TomLuicci> let's see if dellaganna is ready now
<RUMan79> thanks, tom!
<TomLuicci> but greg loves directional punting
<TomLuicci> if dellaganna can adjust to that as well he will be fine
<TomLuicci> they are lucky to have san san te
<TomLuicci> i think teddy's biggest problem was the directional stuff
<TomLuicci> plus, we found out he had never punted in bad weather in his life until one day when it rained at practice
<TomLuicci> greg was shocked
<TomLuicci> it was kind of funny
<RUtheDay> that's funny
<TomLuicci> greg told us he even asked teddy: have you ever punted in the rain? teddy said no
<fire251> kid grew up in the desert
<TomLuicci> and it's cold here, with wind
<TomLuicci> those are other weather factors he has to deal with
<TomLuicci> those are other weather factors he has to deal with
<fire251> oops...the small details
<TomLuicci> but he has been in school a year now
<TomLuicci> so we'll see

International Bowl

<natale> Tom how was Toronto?
<TomLuicci> the first two days it was freezing. then it was fine after that
<TomLuicci> it's too bad rutgers played such a medicore team
<TomLuicci> but it sure was fun watching ray go for almost 300

Coach Schiano & the Michigan Job

<RUtheDay> sorry if I missed any dialogue on this earlier, having just entered the chat, but Tom, what did transpire that night/morning
when Greg decided to turn down Michigan?
<TomLuicci> greg never said he accepted michigan
<TomLuicci> but he was offered the job. i know that
<TomLuicci> he may have felt like he was going to take it that thursday night and told the team differently the next morning
<TomLuicci> he may have felt like he was going to take it that thursday night and told the team differently the next morning
<TomLuicci> but i know he never formally accepted
<RUtheDay> thanks rumor was that he told the players he accepted and then changed his mind
<TomLuicci> here's the thing about that RU: I had someone in the room that day
<TomLuicci> don't you think that may be coaching rhetoric a little bit?
<TomLuicci> Like: I took Michigan but i changed my mind to stick with you guys!
<TomLuicci> to fire up everyone?
<RUtheDay> good point
<TomLuicci> that's why i'm not sure if he meant it literally
<TomLuicci> you want to tell your own players they mean more to you than another job
<bostonknight> not sure if I like that could backfire and make some question whether he is longterm RU
<bostonknight> knocked us out of contention for Ryan Williams
<TomLuicci> hey boston, he is going on his 8th year here

Schiano & Penn State

<TomLuicci> how much more long term do u want?
<TomLuicci> Paterno?
<RUtheDay> I guess it depends on how exactly he presented it
<TomLuicci> eigth years is longer than any RU coach except frank burns
<bostonknight> meaning the next 8 years
<fire251> 25 years...imagine the state pension
<TomLuicci> i don't think anyone can commit to anything for the next 8 years'except maybe a-rod because of what they are paying him
<bostonknight> if you tell your players, I came really close to leaving, but didn't - it could send signal that a slightly better offer will get
you to leave
<RUtheDay> Yes, I want Greg hear until he's ready to turn the reigns over to Joey
<fire251> don't forget the pension
<TomLuicci> fire, if he needs a state pension after earning $1.9 million a year for 15 years, he needs a new accountant
<bostonknight> I am not suggesting another 8 year commitment...
<TomLuicci> i think he will be here at least until penn state opens
<TomLuicci> then we'll see
<TomLuicci> or -- and this is just me -- if the giants open
<cubuffsdoug> what's with this penn state stuff?
<fire251> why is that?? why psu??
<snwbrdr3448> why be a small fish in a big pond when he could stay and be a big fish in a small pond
<TomLuicci> because joepa is greg's mentor
<RUtheDay> I think that the Penn State threat is a little overblown
<bostonknight> is the psu talk just the media building it up, or is that job so special for Greg?
<TomLuicci> he loved penn state when he worked there
<TomLuicci> it could be overblown
<TomLuicci> i think joepa wants to turn the job over to his son jay
<TomLuicci> and you haveto wonder if greg wants to immediately follow the legend
<fire251> a true celebrity in nyc metro area makes life grand.
<RUtheDay> I think that the #1 thing JoePa wants in a successor is a guaranteed job for son Jay
<TomLuicci> he does. but penn state has some of the best facilities in the country and a 105,000-seat stadium that sells out every
<TomLuicci> he does. but penn state has some of the best facilities in the country and a 105,000-seat stadium that sells out every
<TomLuicci> and when they go 8-5 they go to the citrus bowl or something like that. not toronto
<TomLuicci> greg won't say
<TomLuicci> it's his little secret
<TomLuicci> but i don't think many more
<snwbrdr3448> hes not going to psu
<TomLuicci> i am just saying it will be interesting when the job opens

Dennis Campbell possible move to CB & DB depth

<bostonknight> any chance Dennis Campbell is moved to CB?
<TomLuicci> haven't heard anything about moving campbell yet
<TomLuicci> it may be too late in his career
<bostonknight> Corey Barnes was moved at same stage in career
<TomLuicci> true
<cubuffsdoug> its never too late to change positions
<RUtheDay> coaches seemed to like him as a frosh, and we have no depth at CB
<TomLuicci> there's bing at cb
<TomLuicci> billy anderson
<bostonknight> will Hutchins figure into CB rotation or is he to far from contributing at this point?
<TomLuicci> geez, that's a good one boston. we saw so little of al-majid hutchins i forgot about him
<TomLuicci> i know davon smart isn't an answer at cb

2008 Defensive Line

<RUtheDay> Tom, any idea about how Wayne Thomas is doing I heard one rumor that he was switched to OL, which I hope is false
<TomLuicci> i think we will find out about wayne thomas this spring. as soon as i do i will write something
<bostonknight> I read that Manny Abreu was up to 250 pounds...did I read that right?
<TomLuicci> i'll keep it in mind to ask
<RUtheDay> Thanks! I really hope that he turns into the DT beast this team needs

Freshmen who might have an impact in 2008

<TomLuicci> i think it's either jourdan brooks or caleb ruch dave
<TomLuicci> i bet robinson alexis sees a little time too at wr
<bostonknight> what do you think of Ruiz at TE? who will be the blocking TE?
<TomLuicci> oh, almost forgot. fabian ruiz could make a big impact at TE
<TomLuicci> he was redshirted
<TomLuicci> they were ready to play him and he kept getting hurt
<TomLuicci> i bet robinson alexis sees a little time too at wr
<fire251> does he look that good?
<fire251> meaning alexis
<TomLuicci> alexis looks ok. like a fourth or fifth wideout right now. atheltic and quick

D'Imperio & the Corp along with Minemyer's Status

<bostonknight> How much did D'Imperio's injury impact his speed? He looked slow to me....was that the injury having a big impact?
<TomLuicci> d'imperio should be much better this year
<TomLuicci> we're waiting to hear on minemyer
<TomLuicci> too bad because he is a large person
<TomLuicci> hard to tell with abreu yet
<TomLuicci> injuries slowed him the whole year
<TomLuicci> and he needed to get stronger
<TomLuicci> lowrey will definitely have a shot
<RUtheDay> antonio lowery looks like a real good athlete on special teams any idea if he'll emerge at LB?
<piperthemutt> he does have a redshirt though, doesn't he?
<TomLuicci> i think this year he redshirted
<TomLuicci> he was a true freshman who came in in january
<TomLuicci> because of his injury he redshirted

More on the QB situation & the Offensive Line

<piperthemutt> who will emerge as the backup to Teel this year?
<TomLuicci> it could be natale or etienne
<TomLuicci> it will be interesting to see if lovelace can hold on to No. 2
<cubuffsdoug> the biggest question for RU is the offense line. Who will start?
<RUtheDay> Oline could be a concern next year
<TomLuicci> it will be interesting to see if lovelace can hold on to No. 2
<RUtheDay> Stapleton and Ruch are great prospects, but will be very green
<TomLuicci> i think it will be davis, ruch, haslam, blaszczyk and then i don't know
<TomLuicci> maybe gilmartin
<cubuffsdoug> that's not that green of a line
<TomLuicci> maybe lange
<TomLuicci> let's see if forst benefits from being in school early
<TomLuicci> greg always seems to start a true frosh on the O-line
<TomLuicci> zuttah and davis were two
<piperthemutt> will forst r3edshirt?
<TomLuicci> i'm just saying he has shown a willingness to do that
<TomLuicci> i think we'll have a good idea on forst after the spring and summer
<TomLuicci> that will almost be like a full year

D.C. Jefferson

<RUMan79> and from what u r saying about QB's DC will redshirt?
<TomLuicci> DC will redshirt, yes
<TomLuicci> i have heard from many people that he is a skilled athlete but very, very raw

Anthony Davis

<cubuffsdoug> If forst does look good enough to start does that keep AD at guard or AD still goes to tackle and forst to guard?
<TomLuicci> greg said davis will open the spring at tackle
<TomLuicci> he said davis seems to be more comfortable there
<TomLuicci> that's not a bad left tackle replacement for sosa


<PWayFred> are any of the 2008 verbals in danger of not qualifying?
<TomLuicci> too early fred
<TomLuicci> sometimes they don't get cleared until late in the summer'
<TomLuicci> remember britt?
<TomLuicci> he missed the first three weeks of camp his freshman year because of that
<TomLuicci> and he was behind and didn't come on until late
<RUtheDay> a little premature to worry about recruits qualifying, no?
<RUMan79> Thanks for coming on, Tom - look forward to reading your articles
<TomLuicci> that's what i am saying
<RUtheDay> I want to see who signs on LOI day first
<TomLuicci> rutgers has done a decent job getting kids who qualify

More on the Defensive line

<cubuffsdoug> who will replace Foster on the d-line?
<TomLuicci> well, tverdov has one of those spots
<TomLuicci> maybe studivant?
<TomLuicci> justin francis?
<TomLuicci> i think they will be ok there, although charlie noonan fell off the map after showing some promise
<RUtheDay> great motor and football instincts, nice frame to grow into
<cubuffsdoug> francis may be the closest to foster as far as motor and skills
<tappan1> sturdivant or silvestro
<TomLuicci> they like silvestro at end
<fire251> francis a talent - silvestro (a someday)justin tuck
<scoot24> I appologize if this has already been talked about, but how did the best CB in NJ that coached signed A. Hutchins look
towards the end of the season. Is he going to be a player?
<TomLuicci> can't tell yet scoot
<RUtheDay> I was stunned when silvestro started ahead of Westerman a couple of games mid season
<TomLuicci> he just didn't do much as a freshman this year
<TomLuicci> he just didn't do much as a freshman this year
<TomLuicci> some of that was because of pass rush situations RU
<TomLuicci> some of that was because of pass rush situations RU
<TomLuicci> though i like westerman as a pass rusher
<RUtheDay> interesting I think I still like Westerman better as a pass rusher
<TomLuicci> he lost his job at the end of the year to gary watts

Mike Teel pro potential

<piperthemutt> Tom - does Teel have any professional prospect?
<TomLuicci> i think teel will get a look for certain. good size and arm. smart
<RUtheDay> teel needs to show some mobility
<scoot24> Ok, what does Hutchins have ... speed, strength, coverage? Anything that we can go off of?
<piperthemutt> i don't think mobility is critical in a pro set
<TomLuicci> that's the kind of qb he is

Discussion of freshmen's status

<TomLuicci> scoot, as i said, hutchins did so little it was tough to gauge. i will watch him more closely this spring
<TomLuicci> it's not his thing ru.
<piperthemutt> any word on Martinek - is he for real?
<TomLuicci> martinek looked ok on the scout team. but he is still 5th at rb when white comes in i think
<RUtheDay> I'm surprised that martinek isn't being looked at more at safety
<RUtheDay> I think that's where Joe M's future is

More on the WRs

<scoot24> how did Robinson Alexis look before he got injured. Think he'll see some time next year. And Keith Taylor?
<TomLuicci> alexis, as i said, showed some nice athleticis,
<TomLuicci> athleticism
<TomLuicci> he's just so skinny
<TomLuicci> but he was a true frosh
<TomLuicci> don't forget they stll have julian hayes
<scoot24> what about Hayes ... I keep hearing his name?
<TomLuicci> he played a lot this year
<cubuffsdoug> what type of hands does hayes have?
<TomLuicci> he was on special teams too
<RUtheDay> Keith Taylor feel off the map
<TomLuicci> i think that's the issue buffs
<TomLuicci> keith taylor can't get healthy

Status of Rutgers Young defensive linemen

<redlinehw> Any thoughts on how Hardison and Wayne Thomas will do at DT next year?
<TomLuicci> and when you miss two or three years that's tough to get back
<TomLuicci> i was surprised we didn't see more of hardison
<scoot24> Why was Taylor offered to comeback for next year if he's not played yet?
<TomLuicci> thomas is huge. so i want to see if he can put that size to use
<RUtheDay> and let's not forget Desmond Wynn at DT, Greg seems to like him
<TomLuicci> yes

Rutgers' Possible finish in 2008 and the Big East

<cubuffsdoug> before you go, where do you see RU finishing in the BE?
<TomLuicci> here's the problem for RU next year as i see it ....
<TomLuicci> rutgers has the four toughest league road games in pitt, west virginia, south florida and cincinnati
<TomLuicci> do they go 0-4, 1-3 or 2-2 in those?
<TomLuicci> that's the key to the season
<TomLuicci> they should be ok at home
<TomLuicci> north carolina is sneaky good
<TomLuicci> but they can beat louisville and uconn at home next year
<scoot24> good at home ... we heard that this year!
<TomLuicci> pitt will be better
<TomLuicci> wvu still has pat white
<RUMan79> indeed about pitt
<RUtheDay> pitt scares me
<TomLuicci> south florida should be good
<RUMan79> and we were lucky at sfu
<TomLuicci> those are all tough, tough road games
<cubuffsdoug> USF and Cincy are winnable games. USF is hurting on defense and if Mauk doesn't get a 6th year Cincy is average
<fire251> agreed
<TomLuicci> i have that recurring memory of cincinnati from two years ago buff
<redlinehw> Is Mauk coming back at Cinci?
<TomLuicci> mauk is not supposed to come back
<TomLuicci> probably that he is better served by one more year

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